Unique Facts about Kep1er, a Successful New K-Pop Group Shocking the Korean Music Industry


Beginning in 2022, the world of K-Pop music is increasingly strengthening its popularity in the international arena, this can be seen from the dominance of K-Pop music which has almost topped the charts on various music platforms.

In addition, in 2022, there are many idols who want to make their debut. It can be said that the competition in the K-Pop world in 2022 is also interesting with the emergence of idols to new K-Pop groups.

One of the groups that enliven this new year with their debut is Kep1er. Kep1er is a girl group formed from the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999.

They made their debut in early January 2022 with the title song Wa Da Da. In order to get to know more about this K-Pop group, let's look at 5 unique facts about Kep1er!

Have a Unique Group Name Meaning

In October 2021, the Girls Planet 999 event entered the end of the event, namely the debut final. After a long process with the many talents shown by the trainees, finally on October 22, the 9 trainees who successfully debuted into one group were determined.

The group is called Kep1er which is a combination of the word 'Kep' which means to catch a dream and the number '1' which means nine girls gathered together to be the best.

Fandom Name and Official Color of Kep1er Group

After officially debuting on January 3, Kep1er officially announced their fandom name and official group color. Kep1er decided to name their fans Kep1ian (pronounced Keplian).

Kep1ian means people who support Kep1er. In addition, they also launched their official colors, namely lavender-white and lavender-yellow yellow, this was also announced on their official Twitter account.

Hanteo Ranks First for Most Girl Group Album Sales on First Day of Debut

Debuted on Monday (3/1) 2022, Kep1er has stolen the attention of the public around the world. This can be seen from the success of their mini album with the title First Impact which managed to become Hanteo's first rank for the most girl group album sales on the first day of debut.

Hanteo is one of the companies in Korea that calculates K-Pop album sales in real time. Entering the Hanteo list is a matter of pride for idols, let alone being the top position.

Kep1er's inaugural mini-album, First Impact, has sold more than 150 thousand copies, and beats Aespa's mini-album, Savage, with a total of 147,195 copies, and the IVE mini-album, Eleven, with a total of 40,640 copies.

Be Trending in Various Parts of the World

In addition to successfully selling their mini-album with a fantastic amount, Kep1er's debut has also been eagerly awaited by K-Pop fans, especially the Girls Planet 999 audience. No wonder when it debuted, Kep1er managed to trend in various regions of the world.

It can be seen from Wa Da Da's video clip which was trending worldwide and was also trending in several countries when it was just released. That's great!

Successfully Achieved First Victory on Day 10 of Debut

After officially releasing the video clip for their main song titled Wa Da Da, Kep1er officially promoted on various music shows. They managed to get first win with their title song on Thursday, (13/1) or exactly the tenth day after their debut on the M! COUNTDOWN. Suddenly the members were very happy and touched by the achievements they achieved.

Well, those are 5 unique facts about Kep1er that you must know. Even though they are relatively new to the K-Pop industry, Kep1er has managed to showcase their talents well. This can be seen from their many achievements at the beginning of their debut!

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