Unexpectedly, These are 5 Unexpected Benefits of Anxiety


Maybe all this time you have often interpreted anxiety or anxiety as something negative. Although this is not always wrong, sometimes you also need to look at the positive side of anxiety itself.

Yes, as quoted from Myeasytherapy, there are 5 unexpected benefits that can be obtained from anxiety or anxiety. Read more below.

Anxiety Acts as a Warning Sign

The first benefit of anxiety is that it can act as a warning sign. Especially when the anxiety comes over and over and over again. This can be a sign that your body and mind are telling you something that needs to be addressed.

Anxiety can be a red flag telling you that you need to become more aware of certain situations. Anxiety can also act as an alarm reminding you to immediately make the necessary changes in your life.

A simple example is you may realize that you are in a relationship that is no longer suitable or maybe the work you are currently doing is starting to interfere with your home life and there are many other examples. For that, when anxiety strikes, try to take a moment to consider what message is trying to be sent to you with that anxiety.

Anxiety Can Motivate

Did you know that anxiety can actually provide motivation. A simple example might be illustrated when you will meet with your boss to review something. The anxiety you feel can make you better prepared for the review process.

More than just an argument, research has also shown that athletes and students with anxiety perform better on tests and competitive sporting events. Meanwhile, for people who have a solid working memory, anxiety can improve performance on cognitive tests.

Anxiety is a Personal Built-in Alert System

If every emotion has a purpose, then anxiety is the body's natural way of dealing with stress. When nervousness, worry and fear arise, the body activates another stress response system known as fight or flight.

Try to imagine about an event that makes your adrenaline triggered. For example, when you will avoid an accident because of a reckless driver. Of course you will try to protect yourself from potential threats that exist by immediately stepping on the brakes of your vehicle.

In this regard, studies have also shown that adolescents who struggle with anxiety have fewer car accidents than those who do not have anxiety. In a sense, anxiety can help you stay alert and keep you safe.

Shaping You To Be A Better Friend

People who deal with anxiety tend to be more empathetic and understanding. In addition, you are more sensitive to other people who are going through the same thing as you have experienced, or you are also more loving and accepting when the person you love is going through something.

Anxiety Can Make Great Leaders

Anxiety can make you a skilled leader because anxiety makes you think things over carefully. You will see various possible outcomes that can occur.

People with anxiety will describe things as feelings in which they are more aware of potential problems or things that could go wrong. Anxiety can make you more careful in thinking, make decisions carefully and become great at problem solving.

Well, that's a series of benefits of 'enough' anxiety. But if it's too much to interfere with your daily life, you should consult an expert such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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