Tricks to Make Your Instagram Profile and Bio Attractive and Class Out!

 Instagram is now one of the social media that is really 'guarded' by each user. How come? One of them, can build your image from there.

Even from Instagram can also bring money. Oh yes, reportedly before recruiting, HRD will also check the candidate's Instagram profile, you know. Quoting Forbes, a person's brain can conclude something in 7 seconds for a first impression. That's why it's so important to have a bio and IG profile.

Well, check out how to optimize it below, come on!

Create a Short and Easy to Find Username

To make it easier for other users to find your account, use a name that is easy to find and remember. Instead, use your real name for your IG username.

Attractive Profile Photo

In addition to the username, the use of a clear and cute profile photo is also important so that other people remember it.

For personal accounts, you can use close-up photos, which have eye contact to give a friendly impression. Meanwhile, for business accounts, you can include your business logo or products being sold.

Include Active Link

Take advantage of the links provided to get people to know you better. You can embed blog, website, or YouTube links. This is the right way to promote yourself, for example the channel you're starting, right?

Bio Contents

You can use this column to enter a brief description of you as the account owner. But just enough, yes, no need to go into too much detail.

If you want to have a lot of followers, you can 'tell' the benefits they will get when they become your followers. Or tell your profession, because most people like to build relationships with people who have the same background.

Oh yes, if this is your business account, you can add relevant hashtags, as well as keywords to make it easier for others to find them too. You can also arrange the bio structure as interesting as possible by using emojis.

Good luck!

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