Too Focused on Work Until Overthinker, Capricorn and These 3 Zodiacs Easily Suffer Anhedonia!


Anhedonia is a condition in which a person has difficulty enjoying life. People with anhedonia tend to find their life boring. The bad effect is that they feel depressed and do not feel pleasure.

The condition of anhedonia can be experienced by anyone, including some zodiac signs who are too focused on pursuing a career or are easily overthinking. So, what zodiac signs are there? Reporting from Bold Sky, here's the answer!


Capricorn is a sign that suffers from anhedonia easily. Why? Because, they are too focused on pursuing a career and ignore other things. In expressing their feelings, Capricorns also tend to struggle.

Because they are too serious in living their lives, Capricorns include the zodiac with a low sense of humor. Being serious in your career and ambitious in realizing your life goals is very important, but don't let it be difficult to enjoy life, OK, Capricorn!


Known to be a perfectionist, it's no wonder that Virgo is included in the zodiac category that easily suffers from anhedonia. Yup, because they want their life to look perfect, they are willing to sacrifice time to realize their life goals.

Just like Capricorn, Virgos are also known to be ambitious, especially in their careers. When it comes to work, they tend to focus and ignore other pleasant moments.


One of the goals of Libra's life is to have a calm and peaceful life. Unfortunately, the zodiac symbolizing this scale is often in a dilemma with their minds and hearts that are not in line in judging something.

As the most fair sign according to astrology, Libra will judge a problem or something from all angles. Well, this way of judging is what makes it difficult for Libras to enjoy their lives.


Last but not least, Cancer. These crabs are not very ambitious in their pursuit of a career, but they are very easy to worry or worry about anything that involves them. This is what makes it difficult for them to enjoy life.

In addition to overthinking, Cancers are also always trying to put others before themselves, one of which is in happiness. Maybe their cause is good, but this is not good for Cancer's life.

Those are the four zodiac signs who easily suffer from anhedonia or have difficulty enjoying life. Are you included too?

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