Today's Zodiac: Happy Birthday Blackpink Jennie, Capricorn Nicknamed YG Princess

 Pop music from South Korea's ginseng country has long been known by various groups from all over the world. So famous, South Korean pop music even has its own term, namely K-Pop.

One of the K-Pop groups with a fairly large fandom from various countries is BLACKPINK. This female vocal group, which has debuted since 2016, has four attractive and charismatic members, one of which is BLACKPINK's Jennie. Dara, who was born 26 years ago, has many interesting sides that match her zodiac sign, Capricorn. Anything?


Reporting from Pink Villa, Capricorn has the nature of a worker bee who is ambitious, organized, practical, and has clear goals. Capricorn is also a person who is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the things he wants.

This Capricorn characteristic is clearly demonstrated by Jennie Kim who has experienced the ups and downs of living alone in a boarding school in New Zealand from the age of 10 to 15. Of course, it was his life experience that made him a formidable figure.


Capricorn is known for his personality that tends to take over the role of the holder of responsibility in a group. This makes the Capricorn figure look more mature than his actual age. Similar to BLACKPINK's Jennie, who in her group was entrusted with the role of center and face of BLACKPINK's group.

Full of Confident

Jennie being asked to be the center and face of the group from BLACKPINK shows that she is seen as a person who can represent other members. This is partly due to Jennie's confident demeanor, both when performing songs and dances. This one character reflects how charismatic a Capricorn is.

Multi talented

It's no secret that the figure of Jennie Kim has a special nickname, namely YG Princess. This girl, who is arguably an asset from YG entertainment, does have a pretty good track record since joining one of the biggest agencies in South Korea.

Starting from a career as a video clip model, singing a duet with her seniors at YG entertainment, to finally successfully debuting as a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, all of them went through with brilliant results. It's all a testament to how multitalented Jennie is as a Capricorn.

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