Today's Zodiac: Complementary, Here's a list of the people who are most compatible with Capricorn in 2022

 The new year is just around the corner. For Capricorn zodiac, the end of the year like this is optimally used to make resolutions for 2022. Not only career and financial matters, of course Capricorn, who doesn't have a partner this year, plans to start a new relationship next year.

Not only known for high ambition and full of order in life, Capricorn is also very picky in matters of love. There are many criteria that must be met to become a Capricorn partner. However, as reported by Your Tango, the following three zodiac signs are compatible with Capricorn. Who are they? Let's see!


One of the zodiac signs that are compatible with Capricorn is Taurus. These two signs have something in common: they always need a sense of security and are realistic. They see things from the same point of view, so there will rarely be differences of opinion.

However, the thing to avoid is that Taurus is not as ambitious as Capricorn. A Taurus likes self-reward which is sometimes excessive, this makes Capricorn feel that Taurus is a lazy and wasteful person.

However, if Taurus and Capricorn pair up in a long-term relationship, they will complement each other's characters. With Taurus as a partner, Capricorn will tend to be less strict with themselves, being too strict and very ambitious.


Known to be very sensitive to their surroundings, it turns out to have a match with Capricorn who is assertive and realistic. What these two signs have in common is their concern for the people they love, namely family and friends.

If Capricorn is around someone with Cancer, he will feel he has the power to protect and take care of Cancer as his partner. On the other hand, Cancer zodiac sign really likes any kind of attention given by Capricorn.

Although not someone who has a love language in the form of words of affirmation as Cancer would expect, the Capricorn zodiac sign shows love always in the form of action. The balance of personalities of these two zodiac signs is able to make their relationship last, you know!


It doesn't look too compatible because of the striking personality differences, it turns out that Pisces and Capricorn are suitable if they are paired for a long time. These two signs really need each other.

Capricorn helps Pisces who don't think too much about the future to focus on one goal. Not only that, Capricorn also teaches you to stay humble with all the achievements and success you already have, because one of the traits of the Pisces zodiac that irritates other people is their arrogance.

On the other hand, Pisces gives Capricorn happiness by inviting him to do things that Capricorn is not used to. In a long-term relationship, they will have an increasingly close relationship.

This is because each of them always tries to keep the quality of their relationship good. Pisces gives attention and care to Capricorn who is sometimes too busy at work, while Capricorn always gives positive thoughts to Pisces who are often overthinking.

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