Tips for those who are visiting Bali for the first time, don't be surprised by these 4 things!


Bali is known as "the island of God". The charm of Bali seems to make many people fall in love, starting from its culture, tourist attractions, arts, culinary, and much more. This island is also one of the favorite destinations in Indonesia, even in the world.

Bali is an island that is thick with customs. The belief of the Balinese people is also always passed down from generation to generation, thus making the authenticity of Bali still maintained until now. Therefore, there are several things that tourists need to know, especially those who are visiting Bali for the first time so they don't make mistakes. What are they? Read more below!

Do not step on offerings

When you visit places in Bali, don't be surprised if there is an offering containing incense, flowers and snacks. Usually, offerings are often seen on the streets and sometimes for visitors who do not know the offerings, they are just stepped on. This attitude is not justified, because offerings are one of the symbols in Hinduism as a sign of devotion to God Almighty.

Many Traditional Ceremonies

Basically, Hindus in Bali are known for their many traditional ceremonies. In fact, traditional ceremonies performed in each region can take up to a month. Then, during a series of traditional ceremonies, they will usually meet along the way.

This condition often causes traffic jams. Generally, these traditional ceremonies include a series of prayers to entertainment events featuring various Balinese arts, such as dances.

Pay attention to etiquette when in a holy place

Ethics is important wherever we are. Likewise, if you are on vacation in Bali and want to visit tourist attractions there. Some places or certain areas, our ethics must be paid more attention. This is because, Bali is still thick with the customs and beliefs of the ancestors.

So, the Balinese are very concerned about the sacredness of places and areas that are considered "sacred". One example, if you want to visit a temple, you should wear polite clothes, considering that a temple is a place for worship. Then, avoid taking pictures using a camera flash while inside the temple, so as not to disturb the worshipers.

Don't Eat Processed Beef Before Visiting the Temple

For the most part, Hindus in Bali are not encouraged to consume various preparations made from cows. Especially if you want to do worship to the temple. Therefore, to appreciate this belief, visitors should appreciate the Hindu culture in Bali, yes!

Those are the four things you need to know before visiting Bali. The point is, wherever we are, we still have to respect and appreciate, yes!

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