These 5 Types of Daily Drinks Contribute So Many Calories That You Can Fail Your Diet, Including What You Drink?


Currently, there are lots of drinks that have high calories around us and of course attract attention, such as sugary drinks. Without us knowing it, when we are going to meet friends or hangout, we choose a cafe and buy sweet drinks, such as boba, coffee, soda, and other sweet drinks.

However, it turns out that these drinks contain high sugar and calories, so they can make our health decline, and can make our weight increase. Based on research, sugary drinks will not make you feel full even though they contain the same sugar and calories as solid foods.

Therefore, you need to reduce and avoid drinks that contain high calories. Here are some lists of everyday drinks that contribute a lot of calories.

1. Sweet Tea

Almost everyone likes this one drink. When you are eating out, you will definitely order sweet tea, even when at home you also like to make sweet tea in the morning. Unfortunately, the effects of sweet tea are not good for the body. This is because sweet tea contains 20 grams of sugar and 100 calories.

In addition, sweet tea contains only carbohydrates and does not contain protein or fat in each serving. Therefore, if you can drink it 2 to 3 times a day, it's better to reduce it.

2. Packaged Fruit Juice

Apple, orange, grape or other fruit juices are healthy when consumed. However, not with packaged fruit juices.

Packaged fruit juices contain high sugar and calorie content, so if you want to consume healthy drinks, it's a good idea to make your own juice and don't use too much sugar. Or you can also eat the fruit directly instead of making juice.

3. Boba or Bubble Tea

Lately, boba has become one of the drinks favored by millennials. However, did you know that a quarter of a glass of boba that has not been added sugar for sweetness already contains 160 calories. Even one glass of boba can reach almost 500 calories, you know.

This will have a negative impact on health and you should reduce consumption of boba or bubble tea. Or if you want to drink it, you can buy boba or bubble tea by asking for a small amount of sugar.

4. Energy Drink

Who among you is on a diet and is consuming energy drinks that contain protein or protein shakes? Well, it turns out that protein shakes contain as much as 200 calories.

This drink is claimed to help fill up exhausted energy and replace food. However, it's a good idea to pay attention to the calories you drink and read the packaging labels. Consuming energy drinks too often can have an impact on increasing inflammation that may occur in the body.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is a drink that you should avoid, because it contains high calories and can have a negative impact if you consume it often. Based on research, a bottle of alcoholic beer contains 208 calories, which is enough to make fat build up in the body, as a result this will not be good for your body.

Those are some of the daily drinks that are often encountered and consumed that contribute a lot of calories. It's good to reduce and avoid it. Keep your health a priority!

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