These 5 Tips Can Help You Know Which Men Are Serious And Just Playing

 Starting a relationship for some people can be difficult. Many factors underlie this right, one of which is wanting to be more selective in choosing a partner because they don't want to fall into the same hole.

Therefore, as reported by A New Mode, here are some tips that can help you tell which men are serious and who are playful.

See How Honest He Is

First, you can see from how honest he is with you. Those who are serious with you will be upfront and honest about their condition and background, they will feel you need to get serious about them, and see if you can accept them for who they are.

It's different with those who play games. He will not hesitate to cover up his shortcomings by lying to you, because he may be afraid that if you find out about his real situation you will stay away.

Watch How to Fix Yourself

The person who is messing with you doesn't feel like he has to fix himself, because maybe he already feels good enough or he's just reluctant and too lazy to fix it. Or he may feel that he no longer needs to fix himself.

But, if he is serious with you, he will continue to try to fix himself. He will not consider himself perfect, and he will strive to be better every day.

See How He Is When He's a Listener

A man who is serious with you will be happy to listen to all your complaints without getting bored, from small stories to your most serious complaints. He'll be happy to watch you talk and think he needs to pay attention to what's in your heart.

It's a different story with a man playing games. At first he may be friendly and seem caring, but over time he will be lazy to listen to your stories.

Assuming that what you are telling is not important, it may even be that he is not at all interested in your story.

See The Way He Takes Care Of You

Guys who just want to play games usually won't care about your safety or whether you're bothered by something, for example, another guy is trying to annoy you. Even if you try to make him jealous, chances are he won't care either. Instead he will think, there are other women besides you.

Well, if he's serious he'll take good care of you. He doesn't want your physical or mental health to be compromised.

Watch How He Prioritizes Things

You who will be taken seriously with him don't always want to be prioritized. Because he might think of prioritizing his parents and siblings over you. From this you can notice if he is able to prioritize which one should be prioritized first.

Those who want to play games with you don't know which one to take first.. He may be confused or overwhelmed because he doesn't know which one to put first.

Finding a partner is important. However, because of certain things, don't let it make you give up and don't care how and what your partner will be like. Because, it would be a waste of time if you are in a relationship that you take seriously with someone who is playing games.

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