These 5 Special Jobs for Women Offer High Salaries, Interested in Switching Profession?


In this day and age, many women have chosen to pursue a career in the world of work. It is common to see many women are successful and can fulfill all their desires on their own.

For you women who are still confused about choosing a career or maybe want to switch professions, here are recommendations for high-paying jobs for you! Check it out below!

1. Stewardess

The first high-paying job for women was as a flight attendant. Of course, there are many women out there who dream of being a flight attendant.

Being a flight attendant on an airline is a prestigious profession.

2. Nursing Practitioner

Nursing practitioners are different from the nursing profession in general. The nurse practitioner is responsible for directing and coordinating patient care sessions.

Nurse practitioners are responsible for basic and specialized medical care. These high paying jobs for women require at least a master's degree in nursing.

3. Psychiatrist

The profession as a psychiatrist is also a suitable job for women with promising salaries. The Employment Outlook Handbook notes that in 2009, psychiatrists working in doctors' offices earned about $159,300 while those working in outpatient care centers were around $188,210 per year.

4. Anesthesia Nurse

The next high-paying female specialty job is nurse anesthetist. Nurse anesthetists receive a salary of approximately $160,296 per year. In the United States, the median salary for women working as nurse anesthetists is three times the average salary for full-time employees.

5. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are one of the highest earning professions for women. Professional income as a pharmacist is around US$ 120,173 or Rp. 1.7 billion per year. Based on the Collage Consensus, the profession's income for pharmacists is US$ 98,000 to US$ 126,000.

Well, that's 5 special jobs for women that offer high salary offers, you know! Gender as a woman does not limit women in pursuing their careers to become successful women.

So, how is it? Interested in any of the jobs above? Hope it is useful!

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