These 5 Korean Idols Have Been On Extreme Diets, Some Lose 20 Kg in 40 Days!


An artist is not only expected to show his talent, but appearance is also the main factor that receives the spotlight from society.

Like the following Korean idols who are known to have gone on an extreme diet to maintain their appearance. These idols are very dedicated and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams on stage, even if they suffer quite a bit when they have to go on an extreme diet.

Check it out, the list of Korean idols who have been on an extreme diet below!

1. Soyou (Ex SISTAR)

One Korean idol named Soyou once lost 8 kg when following a diet method called "eating once a day". His diet consisted of four quail eggs (without the yolk) and a glass of milk.

While on this extreme diet, Soyou also did vigorous exercise (such as yoga, weight training, cardio, choreography training) which burned far more calories, compared to her daily calorie intake.

2. IU

The singer whose name used to soar through the drama Dream High was once on a shocking extreme diet! He once went on a diet that consisted of only apples for breakfast, one sweet potato for lunch, and one protein shake for dinner.

3. UEE (Former After School)

This former After School member is known to have a slim body shape, so many are wondering about his diet method. He also called his diet method "1000 kcal".

When following this diet method, he is allowed to eat whatever he wants throughout the day, as long as it still doesn't exceed 1000 kcal of calories per day. For those who follow it, this diet doesn't seem too detrimental until we realize that 1000 calories is only half of the recommended daily calorie intake.

4. Jimin BTS

When BTS released the song "Blood Sweat & Tears", Jimin mentioned that he had been following an extreme diet that made him faint during dance practice. The Korean idol lost 15 pounds (about 6 kg) during this period.

Throughout his career, Jimin BTS has also been known to strictly follow other diets, some of which include having days where he doesn't eat at all.

5. Big Bang T.O.P

Who doesn't know BIGBANG members? T.O.P. is one of the members of BIGBANG who underwent a real transformation. He lost 20 kg just by dieting for 40 days.

For a whole week, he only drank water and consumed yanggaeng, which is the name for a sweet jelly food made from red beans. His high-intensity exercise also helped him lose weight before his debut.

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