These 4 Zodiacs Are Famous Experts in Manipulating Their Interlocutors, Beware of Gaslighting

 Getting someone to agree and do the things we want takes skill! The ability to influence the other person is commonly known as manipulation.

Someone who is good at manipulation can make the other person change his decision or even doubt his own feelings. One form of manipulation that can make the victim doubt himself is gaslighting. Reporting from Bonobology, the following zodiac signs have the potential to manipulate their interlocutors.


Scorpios have great leadership skills and a tendency to pay close attention to details. They are also known to be secretive and do not easily trust others.

Scorpios may seem mysterious and reserved, but actually they hold many weaknesses in their interlocutor. That's what will be used as a weapon to manipulate the other person and make the other person lose their footing and doubt what they initially believed to be the truth.


Cancers are known for their sensitive and emotional personalities. When faced with a problem they will not solve it by communicating, but show moodiness openly so that it makes the other person confused to take a stand. Cancer's way of over-expressing emotions will eventually lead to the other person blaming himself for starting an argument with Cancer.


Gemini is symbolized by the symbol of twins. This illustrates that Gemini has a personality that changes depending on where they are. They are also good at playing with words and lying to those around them.

When the lie is exposed, they can still argue and make the reason they lie sound rational. They also will not hesitate to pass the blame on others by means of diplomacy.


It might be surprising if Pisces, who is known to care more about others than himself, is on the list of the most manipulative zodiac signs below. However, should humans in general, Pisces can also make mistakes.

Pisces are well aware of their reputation as good people. They can easily take advantage of that reputation when something goes wrong, making other people think that the other person is the one with the problem.

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