The Stars of the Video Clips in the Remake of NOAH's Old Songs, This is a List of Celebrities Who Have Worked With Ariel CS


One of the biggest bands in Indonesia, NOAH, is known for having a very charismatic vocalist. Not only that, this band is also famous for its legendary and timeless songs.

Recently, NOAH released a remake of a video clip of the song that was sung when the band was called Peterpan. The fans were even more excited and enthusiastic when they found out that the video clip was starring the handsome Jefri Nichol and the beautiful Anya Geraldine, who are top young Indonesian artists.

And apparently, since the band was named Peterpan until now changed its name to Noah, Ariel Cs has been consistent in choosing the star of the video clip who is a well-known Indonesian celebrity. Who are these celebrities? Here are some of them.

Masayu Anastasia

Masayu Anastasia, who is famous as a soap opera artist, was once one of the stars of Peterpan's video clip entitled 'What's Up With You'. This song is the main single from Peterpan's second album entitled 'Star in Heaven' which was released in 2004.

In this video clip, you can see Masayu being 'angry' so passionate about his role when he became Ariel's lover. This video clip was also very popular in its time and is quite memorable to this day.

Ardina Rasti

Still in the same album, Peterpan has a mainstay song entitled 'Kukatakan Indah' ​​whose video clip stars the sweet artist, Ardina Rasti. The song whose video clip was released in 2005 is also the Original Soundtrack for the film Alexandria.

The video clip in this song tells the story of Ariel who is involved in the world of music who is accompanied by Ardina Rasti on her journey. But Ariel finally had to swallow the bitter pill because she got betrayal from her lover. The story in the video is considered exactly as described in the lyrics of the song sung by the vocalist.

Tamara Bleszynski

Senior Indonesian artist, Tamara Bleszynski also did not escape being the star of the video clip in one of Peterpan's songs entitled 'High Level Fantasy'. This Polish mulatto artist is so beautiful and stunning when he plays the woman who became Ariel's imagination in the video clip that takes the background abroad.

If you look at the video clip again, you will realize how beautiful Tamara Bleszynski is, who has survived to this day.

Dian Sastro

One of Peterpan's most iconic video clips is the music video for the song 'Erase Your Footprint', which features an artist like Dian Sastro as the star. Throughout the scene in the video clip, it was very memorable for the audience where Dian Sastro always followed Ariel's steps wherever they went.

Because of the popularity of the song, in 2020 Ariel collaborated with Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) to cover the song again. Until now, the cover video for 'Erase Your Footsteps' has been watched about 100 million times. Wow, fantastic collaboration huh?

Iqbal Ramadhan

You loyal NOAH fans definitely don't miss watching the remake of the video clip of the song entitled 'The Deepest'. The video clip became even more viral when it was discovered that the star of the video clip was a top young Indonesian actor, namely Iqbaal Ramadhan. In the video, you can see Iqbaal with long hair walking along the sidewalk imitating Ariel's style in the original video clip.

Seizing the attention of all NOAH fans throughout Indonesia, there are now many parody videos of the song 'The Deepest' with creativity and humor that are very entertaining.

Jefri Nichol and Anya Geraldine

Perched on trending #1 on YouTube since a few days ago, the remake of a video clip of one of NOAH's songs entitled 'Star in Heaven' has gone viral everywhere. Even more excited, the video clip stars Jefri Nichol and Anya Geraldine and uses CGI technology to make the video cooler.

Watching this video clip is like watching an action movie with heroic actions using weapons and even robots to strengthen the vibes.

Apart from the artists above, there are actually many other celebrities who have starred in the video clips of songs sung by Ariel Noah, such as Acha Septriasa, Donita, and Julie Estelle.

So, who else will be the star of NOAH's next video clip, huh?

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