The Pandemic Still Continues in 2022, These 3 Financial-related Things You Should Have Just In case


The threat of the corona virus is still not over. As we know, various variants of this virus keep popping up. Even though it seems that the world is starting to adapt to living side by side with this virus, we still have to always be on guard.

While it is still the beginning of the year, his hope is a new spirit in planning and living life for the next year. Learning from the pandemic conditions, the things below are related to finances that you really need to have, so that life is safely under control and free from the disturbing bondage of debt. Anything?

Emergency Fund

The existence of an emergency fund becomes very meaningful, to deal with unexpected things. As was the case in 2020, many employees were laid off and experienced layoffs.

By having an emergency fund, you can still meet your daily needs temporarily, while looking for new sources of income. Emergency funds can also cover other unexpected costs such as sick children, damaged cars, and so on.

You can start saving regularly every month by setting aside 10 percent of your income.


Insurance is also important in overcoming things that might happen in the future, which is useful for providing protection benefits. For example, health insurance to cover hospital care costs, it is also important for breadwinners to have life insurance.

Well, don't get me wrong, because insurance is often associated with negative things such as money that just disappears. Even though before you buy an insurance product, you must study it first so you don't feel trapped!

Financial Goals

Quoting the CNBC Indonesia page, financial stability seems to be one of the things you need to add to your 2022 resolution. Why? As simple as having financial stability can make your life more comfortable and peaceful.

Oh yes, you need to know, passive income can really cover your monthly costs. Therefore, there are some people who can live prosperously in their old age from dividends or profit sharing from company shares, because they are diligent in saving shares.

To start this, you can start by diligently recording your monthly income and expenses, determining expenditure items by prioritizing priority ones.

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