Stress when you don't open your phone? Come on, Overcome Cell Phone Addiction with this Daily To-Do-List Method!

 Cell phones have become an important part of life. The reason is, all activities can be done easily just by installing several applications on one cellphone. It's so easy, people feel reluctant to leave their phones even for five minutes. Even when gathering with friends or family to eat together, the tendency to open their phones is greater than talking to each other.

However, the use of mobile phones is not always a good impact. Apart from damaging eyesight and brain, constantly playing with mobile phones can lead to nomophobia syndrome if not treated immediately. If you are a cell phone addict, let's overcome it by applying the daily to do list phone detox method below!

Monday: Setting Time

The first step you can take is to be good at managing social media play time. You can start by playing social media that you have for fifteen minutes. Once you get used to it, you can reduce the use of social media playing time. For example, from fifteen minutes to ten minutes.

Tuesday: Turn Off Notifications

On the next day, try to turn off all notifications from social media that you have. Or if possible, you can turn off notifications from apps that you don't think are important.

So, you will only receive notifications from WhatsApp, email, SMS, and phone only. In this way, it is hoped that you will get used to not being tempted to immediately open social media or applications just out of curiosity from the notification sound.

Wednesday: Avoid Cell Phones in the Morning

In today's digital era, it's common to see people opening their phones the first time they open their eyes in the morning. This habit should be avoided, yes.

Make a plan of what activities you will do when you first wake up the night before. Whether it's a morning run, cleaning the house, or washing clothes. And most importantly not related to cell phones.

Thursday: Charge Cell Phones in Different Places

Who here still likes to play with the phone even though it's being charged? Immediately stop this habit, yes!

In addition to damaging brain function, playing with a cell phone while it is charging will pose a risk of fire. Charge your phone where you can't reach it. For example, you are studying in the living room, you can charge your cellphone in the room. Wait until the battery is fully charged before using it again.

Friday: Not Playing Phone at Certain Times

Get into the habit of not glancing at your phone when you're with family or friends. Take this opportunity to talk about interesting things. Throw away the thought of opening your phone and focus on the things around you.

Saturday: Don't Post Anything

When people post something on the weekend, do the opposite. Avoid posting anything on Saturdays and try not to go to social media at all. There are many things you can do without using your phone, watching Netflix, doing hobbies, or taking a break, for example.

Sunday: Phone-Free Day

Sunday, some people have this day off. Turn off your phone, let people know the night before that you don't want to be disturbed on your day off. Use this good opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Picnic with family is no less exciting, you know! Set your day off from work as World No Cellphone Day.

The tips above can be adapted to your activities. Good luck!

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