Stop Overthinking, These are 6 Things in Self Improvement that You Must Improve to Be Better


It's 2022, do you still have the habit of overthinking? It's a good idea to start reducing or controlling this habit for success in achieving new year's resolutions.

Indeed, this habit of overthinking is not easy to break, but that doesn't mean it's impossible, right! You have to realize that constant overthinking is just a waste of time, because you're thinking about something that doesn't necessarily happen. Thinking and guessing all the worst possibilities will only make you tired and unproductive.

So, to have a better and more productive year, let's start controlling overthinking and increasing our potential. Here are 6 things in self-improvement that you must improve in 2022.

Self Love

Easy to say, but not necessarily easy to do. It's the same with self love. Launching from Brain & Behavior, self love means an attitude of respect for oneself both physically, psychologically, and spiritually. An example of a form of self love that you can do from small things is to stop comparing yourself to other people.


To be able to reduce the habit of overthinking, it can be done by learning mindfulness. Launching from Very Well Mind, mindfulness is a practice to become more fully aware of the current state.

That means you can't judge the past and predict the future too far. To be able to apply mindfulness in your life, one way you can do it is by meditation or simply focusing on what you can control right now.

Time Management

In order for your self-improvement to level up from previous years, you also need to re-learn how to manage time. In addition to building self-discipline, time management will also be useful in building other people's trust in you, you know! By implementing time management, you will also benefit because you can increase your daily productivity and avoid stress.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an activity that is difficult and feared by some people. If you are able to master public speaking, you will get many advantages. Some of the benefits that you will feel from public speaking are being able to become a trusted leader, getting attention from others, and of course increasing self-confidence. You can start practicing public speaking from the smallest circle, such as family, friends, or through social media.

Learn to Listen

Not only improving your speaking skills, aka public speaking, it's good this year you also learn to listen. According to Wall Street International Magazine, listening and listening are two different actions.

Listening is defined as full attention given to the sound or message given, thus showing full attention to the other person. So that we don't just listen and wait for our turn to speak, but also accept and understand the needs of others even if we don't agree with the other person.

Stop Procrastinating

Are you a procrastinator? If so, you should stop this habit. The habit of procrastination that is generally done is to postpone work because of lazy movement, aka lazy! By changing this habit, the same as you reduce the stress caused by work deadlines. So, let's start to stop the habit of procrastinating time or work!

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