Still Chasing Deadlines? Do These 5 Time Management Tips to Get Your Work Done Fast!

 Being chased by deadlines is a frightening specter for most people. Are you one of them too? Often, you will panic and even be unable to complete tasks effectively.

In fact, your task will be easy to complete if you can manage your time and a structured workflow. The following are good time management tips so that you can do your assignments on time even though you are being chased by a deadline. Listen, come on!

Prioritize Even If It Feels Heavy

Do you like to procrastinate on important work because you feel intimidated and afraid of not getting it done? This is a common cause of being a deadliners, you know.

Even before actually trying, you may already be afraid of the shadows of obstacles that are not necessarily going to happen. Finally, when it is close to D-day, you will be more burdened and much more panicked.

In this case, urgent work is your priority. Make plans by ordering them on a priority scale. Don't rush to finish it in one go. Doing it slowly will be much more effective and give maximum results.

Get to know Productive Hours

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Everyone has a different productive time. Some people find it easier to focus in the morning and some are more creative in the middle of the night.

For that, first identify your productive time! Maximize the period to complete the most important and most pressing tasks. This will help you reach your most important goals more on time.

When you are having a hard time concentrating, do small tasks to keep your time productive and the pile of tasks completed effectively. You can also take the time to read lightly and increase your knowledge in this situation. This way, you won't be wasting any time.

Check the Work Checklist Every Day

When too many tasks pile up, we often procrastinate because we don't know where to start. This confusion occurs because you have not organized which work has been completed and which has not been done. Therefore it is very important to have a daily checklist.

Try to always check the daily checklist. Cross out a few things that you have completed so that your burden will feel lighter every day. Sorting the checklist will help you be more disciplined in managing your time and give you satisfaction when the task is completed.

Create Specific and Measurable Plans

Don't panic when you find out that many tasks are coming at once! Take a breath first so you can calm down and think clearly. Then, break down your goals into simpler tasks and make them a daily task.

Set how much time you will allocate to each task per day. Make this calculation based on the remaining time you have, yes. If you can, don't be too tight! Perhaps, in the last days you can re-evaluate your work and make minor revisions before finally submitting it.

Control Yourself from Distraction

Distraction Illustration/Photo: Pexels/Cottonbro

Distraction Illustration/Photo: Pexels/Cottonbro

It is undeniable that our lives will never be separated from distractions. In the midst of work or assignments, you may lose your enthusiasm and want to occasionally steal some time to check text messages or browse social media. But, once you do, time passes so quickly and is wasted.

To avoid unnecessary distractions and interfere with activities, set separate times in a specific schedule for rest. You can use that time at once to check text messages, email, or unwind by watching entertainment. But, if there is nothing important and interesting, it's better to use your time to take a break considering the approaching deadline.

Even though the close deadline can be overcome, but it would be better if you do it little by little from the start. Because piling up tasks can affect your mental and health. It is better to be tired at the beginning and rest at the end.

Welcome back to work!

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