Spoiled by a partner, these 4 zodiac signs can't live long distance relationships aka LDR


Having a romantic relationship doesn't always run smoothly. One of them is when the relationship is faced with the condition of a long distance relationship, aka LDR (Long Distance Relationship). However, the most important thing in a relationship is commitment.

Long distance relationships and close relationships, being committed to caring for and supporting each other can be the key to a long lasting relationship. However, sometimes there are characters from partners who are less supportive, for example a spoiled attitude.

Excessive spoiled attitude can actually trigger conflict in a love relationship. A person's spoiled attitude can be seen based on his zodiac. What are these zodiac signs? The following answers are compiled from Your Tango.


Basically, Gemini is someone who likes to pamper people, but they can turn out to be pampered. They can be childish, because they like to demand someone to act according to his will.

Then, this zodiac tends to get bored easily, they always need entertainment. Geminis tend to depend on other people to help them achieve what they want.


Scorpios can be spoiled when things don't go their way. When Scorpios feel hurt, they tend to dissolve into excessive sadness and desire revenge.

If a Scorpio is hurting, they want everyone around them to pamper them. These zodiac characters are smart and they know how to manipulate other people to get what they want.


Aquarius can be very sensitive when it comes to themselves and their needs. Sometimes, Aquarius likes to act according to their wishes to the point of demanding others, this is what makes it difficult for Aquarius to be obedient. If this zodiac has the will, then no one can challenge it!


Leos believe that if they want something, they have to get it. This zodiac sign will easily feel bad mood, when the days they live do not go according to plan. Leos can manipulate other people into taking their word for it, including spending time with Leo.

Those are the four zodiac signs with their spoiled attitude. Anything that is taken in excess will have a negative impact on yourself and others.

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