So that you don't make a mistake, here are 4 dating trends in 2022: From Similarities to Vaccination Status!


Are you single and want to get a partner this year? Eits, wait a minute! Before looking for and choosing a potential partner, it's a good idea to prepare yourself in advance by understanding the latest dating trends to be wiser when determining your steps.

Therefore, first take a look at the following dating trends in 2022, let's go!

Vaccination Status Equality is Very Important

The dating trend will not be separated from the social trend of society. Although the relationship may take place online, it turns out that a person's vaccination status is an important factor, you know.

Reporting from Metro UK, the topic of vaccination is becoming more frequently discussed in the chats of dating app users. The Tinder app even states that as many as 97 percent of accounts that include vaccination status in their bio have higher swipe rates.

This has nothing to do with the user's sense of security factor to meet new people. Ness Cooper and Callisto Adam as relationship experts stated that a person's vaccination status also reflects users' expectations about what they can do to spend time together in the real world, especially in open spaces.

Therefore, if you use a dating app, it never hurts to include your vaccination status!

Take Red Flag Seriously and Develop Self Love

You must be familiar with the term self love, right?

According to Ness and Callisto on the Metro UK page, self love is an important factor before someone really opens himself up to others. Because people will tend to be more protective of their inner energy, they will not tolerate red flags or danger signs that threaten their comfort and safety just for the sake of being accepted by others.

Given that people are spending most of their time alone during a pandemic, they won't allow new people to change their personalities and hinder their development.

Meanwhile, Kate Mansfield, a relationship expert, said that people's awareness about self love and the red flag appeal should be a guide for couples who want to build healthy relationships. Although it seems trivial, but the effect is very important!

More Comfortable with Long Introduction Stage

Uncertainty due to the pandemic turns out to be not only targeting the business sector, but also the issue of commitment in relationships. Due to the uncertain future, most people choose to extend their acquaintance before making serious commitments at the next level.

Especially in online dating applications, longer introductions are considered to be able to make users more confident to invest further in their relationship. Besides not wanting to waste energy on an uncertain relationship, they feel more comfortable knowing how deep the emotional bond they had before actually meeting in the real world.

For those of you who are looking forward to a serious commitment in 2022, please be patient at the introduction stage!

Shared Political Views Strengthen the Ties of Relationships

The crowds of conversations around social issues don't end with social media debates, but they start to become a determining factor in dating, you know!

This is used as a standard of compatibility in the dating world because political views are seen as the basic foundation of a person in dealing with everything. Even though it sounds unrelated, it turns out that common views can increase a sense of understanding with each other, so that the bonds that are formed become stronger.

As a result, couples who share the same political views tend to last longer than those with different views. Although not a standard standard, but you can consider this point in sorting your potential partner.

So, those are the four dating trends that are predicted to happen in 2022. Hopefully, they can be your material for consideration before looking for a new partner!

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