Show Medical and Fantasy Genres, Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Watch Drakor Ghost Doctor

 The year 2022, was greeted with a new medical-themed drama titled Ghost Doctor. Tells the story of Cha Young Min who is a genius doctor, but has an arrogant and selfish character. One day, he gets involved in an unexpected case.

Due to an unexpected case, his spirit possessed another doctor's body. These two doctors are completely opposite, with opposite personalities and medical abilities. This drama has greeted viewers from the tvN channel since last Monday (3/1). Just starting the broadcast period, here are the reasons why you shouldn't miss the drama Ghost Doctor!

Become an Epic Comeback

This drama is a drama that brings back many actors that the audience has been waiting for. Rain last played in the drama Welcome 2 Life as a lawyer and prosecutor in 2019, Rain returned through Ghost Doctor as a doctor.

Even so, Kim Bum who successfully played a Law Student at Law School who returned with the medical profession as his character. Uee last played a drama in My Only One in 2018-2019, and Son Na Eun who played Lost in 2021 and showed her new charm as an actress.

The drama Ghost Doctor became an epic comeback from the success and new characters of the main actors.

Blending Fantasy and Medical Gen

The combination of drama with a touch of fantasy that relies on imagination and belief, as well as a medical who sees everything with logical judgment occurs in Ghost Doctor.

The unique and new side of fantasy blends well, colored by a mellow story and the pain of each character that creates interesting conflicts in the story. This is one of the main dishes of Ghost Doctor that you should not miss.

Character Development and Abilities of the Characters that are Worth Waiting for

In Ghost Doctor, each character has a weakness that is not revealed to those around him. Each character hides his wounds and shortcomings. Like Cha Young Min, played by Rain, who despite having great abilities as a doctor, he suffers from the heartbreak of being abandoned by his lover, Jang Se Jin, played by Uee.

Pun Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum) who had a hard time becoming a doctor because his parents and grandfather asked him, also Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) who was on leave for a year and is now still an intern when his classmate has become a resident.

For those of you who haven't watched Ghost Doctor, you can watch this drama on the VIU and iQiyi platforms every Monday and Tuesday!

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