Sergei Krikalev, The Story of an Astronaut Who Was Stranded In Space For More Than 10 Months


A trip to space can never be an ordinary trip. Various preparations have been designed in such a way since several months, even years in advance. So did Sergei Krikalev, an astronaut from Russia.

Krikalev's journey from Earth on May 18, 1991 aboard a spacecraft called Soyuz. The plan, he will leave Earth for five months to the Russian space station, MIR on a mission to perform maintenance on the station.

Krikalev did not walk alone. Along with him were other astronauts, namely Anatoly Artsebarsky from the Soviet Union and Helen Sharman from the UK. The trio flew from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the legendary place, where the Soviet Union won the "star wars" of the United States.

The mission of maintaining and updating equipment at MIR is not a first-time mission, but a routine Krikalev mission. In other words, he had already guessed that this mission was not a complicated one, so the treatment went smoothly.

However, due to limited information, Krikalev does not know what is happening on Earth, precisely in his country. There was a mess that left him behind for more than the original plan of the trip, which was 5 months.

So, what chaos is happening on Earth?

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