Selfie Ghozali Photos Everyday For Sale, Here's How to Sell NFT on OpenSea


NFT or Non-fungible tokens are still hotly discussed at the beginning of the year. Not long ago, Ghozali Everyday's selfie photo went viral, which sold up to billions of rupiah. Fantastic!

Not a few people have actually earned money from buying low-priced NFTs, then selling them at a higher price. Who would have thought, Ghozali's selfie collection is in great demand, and now the cheapest collection is selling for 0.28 ETH .

Citing CNN, there is really no limit to the digital assets that can be bought or sold on the OpenSea platform, as an NFT buying and selling market. Among them ranging from crypokitties, artwork, to domain names.

Interested in transacting on this one platform? Check out how below, come on!

1. Registered Account Required

To be able to transact on OpenSea, you need to have an account first. Yes, only registered users with configured wallets can sell NFT.

2. How to Transaction

How to sell NFT on OpenSea as quoted from Alphr, among which you need to go to the page and log in to your account. Then click on the profile photo at the top right.

Then select 'Profile', select the NFT you want to sell from your wallet, then select sell to be directed to the sales page. Oh yes, choose the type and the selling price. You can set the price you want, whether it's fixed or auction.

With auctions, you can enter a starting price, expiration time, and price threshold. The duration of the sale can last for one day, three days, or a week.

After the sales setup is complete, just click 'Complete Listing'. You need to know, for the first sale registration, you must verify your wallet by completing two transactions.

One is to initiate your account for the sale, while the other is to give you access to OpenSea during the sale.

After paying the fee, confirm the details of the sale and post the NFT you want to sell on OpenSea. After registering the NFT you want to sell, you can use the 'Activity' column on the left to see a list of digital assets that you are selling.

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