Saying Sorry Too Often at Work? Try Saying These 4 Things Instead!


Are you the type of person who often apologizes? How often do you say sorry even though you may not have offended anyone or made a mistake? This is a common phenomenon, especially in the workplace.

You may think that apologizing is a way to show respect. But if you say it too often, it can make you seem less confident in your own abilities.

If you frequently over-apologise, you may need to find a way to get your real point across. Launching from Forbes, here are the words you can say besides sorry at work. Come on, see!

Say Thank You

You can show respect and care for your co-workers without demeaning yourself by saying thank you. For example, you missed some part of a work project. On reflex, you might apologize.

However, you can replace it by saying, "thank you for your patience waiting, part of this project you can get on Friday next week". This way, you can take control of the situation and show a responsible attitude.

Respond with Actions, Not Just Words

As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. Yup, on many occasions, actions are much more meaningful than just words. In addition, actions can also show humility and a good form of 'to make amends'. In addition to apologizing, action can also be a positive alternative that you can do.

Talk About What You Want

As mentioned earlier, the word sorry that is said too often will only become a word without meaning. Instead, say "I will..." as a form of accountability. This shows that you already have a detailed plan.

The statement can also place the focus on what is going to happen or what both parties want to happen. This allows coworkers to feel heard and know what you really mean.

Don't Apologize for 'Annoying' Coworkers

The word sorry is also often said when you want to express your opinion during a meeting or ask a question to a coworker. You may apologize for feeling 'annoying' the coworker.

Instead of apologizing, state your opinion or question in a simple and friendly manner. For example, when you want to ask your boss, you can say, "Is now a good time to ask a question?" Remember, there's no need to apologize for having an opinion or question that can help you get the job done.

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