Relieve Stress In 30 Minutes? Can! Check the method here, let's get in a good mood all day


Relieve stress needs to become a daily routine when bad things start to bother you. Have you found the right method to deal with the hassle in your head without making you feel dizzy for a long time? Meditation can be the solution!

Meditation helps minimize the nesting of bad thoughts in the head, but it also fosters a healthy lifestyle, you know. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of time meditating. 30 minutes is enough, really.

Quoted from Very Well Mind, meditating can build stress resistance over time. Can be done independently, you can try these three simple steps at home, Beauties.

Take a Comfortable Position

The first step to relieve stress you can start by choosing the most comfortable position. Comfort greatly affects how the mind works. Not only makes you more comfortable, a sense of comfort is also able to refresh your mind.

Make sure the place you are sitting on doesn't bother you while you meditate. A soft chair or a cold floor can be the right solution to get peace. There are no special provisions, as long as it can help you relax more.

Adjust the sitting position upright so you don't feel pain while sitting for the next 30 minutes. If you are more relaxed sitting in a chair, make your feet stick firmly to the floor so you don't lose focus easily.

Close Your Eyes Slowly

The next psychological trick to do when meditating is to close your eyes. The body and mind can become more in sync to get calm when the view is not distracted by the object in front of the eyes.

Gently close your eyes gently, Beauties. Feel the sensation of calm that you get by keeping the jaw and muscles in the face not tense. If you feel less relaxed, try to take a deep breath and start to adjust again.

Get Rid of Bad Thoughts

The most important part of meditating is getting rid of bad thoughts. Although not exactly easy, but you can do this slowly. You may not have the capacity to control things that come your way, but you can control your mind not to cultivate negative perceptions.

Validate your feelings without fear of inviting negative energy, Beauties. By understanding the bad things that are coming you will begin to find calm as well as the ability to deal with them.

If thoughts lead you to unpleasant points from bad things that come your way, you don't have to deny it either. Give your mind a chance to work on it and then catch your breath to relieve the bothersome hassle.

You can try the psychological tricks in relieving stress above in 30 minutes. In between busy activities, you can set aside some time to restore your spirit with a fresher mind. Good luck!

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