Prediction of 2022 House Paint Color Trends, Makes You Feel At Home & Occupancy Looks Fresher


Did you know that the colors around us can have an effect on how we feel? Choosing a house paint color is also important so that the atmosphere in it feels comfortable and makes you feel at home. Well, starting 2022 is the most suitable for you to try to change the feel of the house to be new.

One of them is by painting the walls at home with different colors. There are a series of 2022 house paint trends that can be taken into consideration, you know. Curious what it is? Check out house paint ideas for homes that look fresher and make you feel comfortable through the following article!

Sunny Yellow

The first wall paint color reference that you can try is sunny yellow. This beautiful color can give a bright and warm impression for the dwelling.

The inspiration for house paint with sunny yellow can also create a vibrant and cheerful feel. The sunny yellow color can be applied to various walls of the room in your home.

Bright Skies

Then there are bright skies which are predicted to be the favorite wall color trend in 2022. Reporting from Country Living, this color is inspired by the blue sky which looks fresh and pleasing to the eye.

Marianne Shillingford as Creative Director of Dulux also revealed that bright skies wall paint colors can inspire, look simple, but always calm.


No less beautiful than the previous colors, there are neutral or neutral colors which are still a trend until 2022. Neutral colors are always preferred because they are flexible to be combined with any color interior.

In addition, the neutral color of the walls of the house also looks soft and shading. Neutral colors that you can try are white, cream, to light brown.

Gray Green

For those of you who don't really like bright colors, gray green can be an alternative to be applied to wall paint colors. Many leading paint companies also agree that 2022 is the year for the gray green color for housing.

As reported by the Veranda page, this color creates a balanced impression and looks close to nature. The gray green color is also suitable to be combined with the interior in the form of indoor ornamental plants, you know.


If previously there was gray green, this time the gray color appeared which turned out to be a trend for residential wall paint colors which are predicted to be favorites in 2022. This color is considered to be able to give a calm and balanced impression, without feeling overwhelming. Even the residents of the house can feel the comfortable and calming nuance when applying this color.

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