Own These 7 Crystals for Better Mental Health in 2022


Almost one week we live in the new year. Everyone certainly hopes to have a better life than the previous years in many aspects, such as finance, career, and love.

While New Year's resolutions are important, many people forget that they start with themselves. Good mental health is the key to getting things started. Without good emotions, of course, there will not be good decisions.

Unresolved grudges, stress, anger and other negative emotions often keep us from moving forward and have long-lasting effects on the individual. In addition, emotional health can affect a person's overall physical health.

Recently, in the meditation world, the use of crystal stones is said to offer many benefits for emotional health. Quoted from Pink Villa, numerologist Astro Sidharrth S Kumaar said that crystal stones can help you manage anger effectively.

How do crystals work and what types of crystals can have a positive effect on an individual's mental health? Compiled from Pink Villa, here are the reviews.


In the first place, there are carnelian stones. This type of crystal is quite effective in dealing with uncontrollable anger. This reddish brown stone is counted as a balancing stone that can remove negativity, and replace it with a zest for life.

Furthermore, these crystals are excellent for reducing stress and anger, as well as increasing fertility and stimulating sexuality. Bad emotions such as jealousy, anger, and hatred towards others, are believed to be lost with carnelian crystals.


Bloodstone is believed to reduce anxiety in individuals. This stone has the power to clear the mind of doubt and aggression, which allows you to chill a little. Use a bloodstone when you feel irritated and want to be surrounded by calming energy throughout the day.


Aquamarine is believed to have a strong relationship with the throat chakra. Aquamarine is a stone with calming energy, so it is suitable for the purpose of controlling emotions, especially those who often act violently and speak harshly.

This light blue stone is also very good for calming anxiety. If you are easily offended, try meditating with an Aquamarine crystal. This stone will help you relax and open your intuition.


Like previous crystals, howlite crystals can also reduce anger. This stone works by calming the mind and patience of every individual who receives its energy. Instead of getting angry, maybe you will breathe more often when you are angry.

Because, howlite crystals also affect emotional expression which makes it easier for energy recipients to speak from the heart than the brain. In other words, this stone has a more deed calming effect.

Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli crystal stone is often known as the crystal of consciousness. This crystal helps you control your anger and stay calm during emotional turmoil. Lapis Lazuli brings inner peace to those who wear it.

These crystals are perfect for increasing empathy and stimulating the calm that is lost when emotions escalate. Similar to aquamarine, this crystal is also centered on the throat chakra, which allows you to communicate your feelings, sentiments and emotions in polite words.

In addition to the five stones above, there are also crystals of kyanite and citrine which also function to relieve anger and foster affection, as well as happiness and certainty in life. You can get the energy benefits of these crystals in 2022 in various ways.

According to Kumaar, you can place it in a copper or glass bowl at home or wear it in the form of a bracelet. However, before you wear it as a bracelet, it is very important to adjust from your date of birth and name, yes. Get expert help to find out more about this.

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