Overcome Anxiety and Live a Calmer Life with Mindfulness Techniques, Good Luck!


The habit of overthinking can cause a lot of anxiety. Maybe you are one of those people who like to think until it drags on. Launching from Greater Good, mindfulness means maintaining awareness in the moments that are passed at that time, such as thoughts, feelings, the surrounding atmosphere with a judgmental view.

When we are mindful, our thoughts are focused on what is happening right now, not on things that happened in the past or in the future. So that we can avoid self-criticism and be able to process difficult emotions. Two important elements of this technique are awareness and acceptance.

In his research, Kabat-Zinn found that people tend to avoid what makes them sick, and that it makes them feel more stressed. Over time, this technique is increasingly in demand and becomes an important therapeutic technique.

Actually this technique is a basic human ability, so anyone can learn it. This method originates from the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. Then it spread to the west when a professor named Jon Kabat-Zinn researched it. He then created a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program to treat other people.

It is said in Psychology Today, the purpose of mindfulness is so that our perspective of awareness and identity grows so that we can be more calm and rational in looking at life. However, you need to know beforehand that clearing the mind is not the goal of this practice. What you need to do is just pay attention to whatever you are experiencing at that time.

As you practice and many thoughts arise, try to bring your mind back to the current state. The more often you succeed, the easier it will be for you to do it again. In addition to relieving anxiety, this technique is also able to lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and reverse addiction.

How to practice mindfulness is also quite easy. First, find a place to sit that can make you feel calm. For beginners, you just have to try in a short time first, for example 5-10 minutes.

Feel every breath. Your mind will wander with time, and you need to bring it back with a focus on breathing. Remember not to judge or get caught up in these thoughts.

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