Optimizing Brain Function by Drinking Water, Here Are 3 Tips to Pay Attention to

 You must have often heard or even adopted the habit of drinking two liters of water per day. But, do you know? Besides being able to meet the fluid needs in the body, drinking water also has a relationship with brain performance and memory, you know!

Armed with these facts, you can take advantage of drinking water to improve your memory work with certain tips. Come on, check out the following tips!

Drink 350-450 ml of water after waking up

Before starting the day, make it a habit to drink 350 to 450 ml of water right after waking up in the morning. Reporting from the Psychology Today page, a well-hydrated body will affect your mood and mental balance before activities.

A study published by Pubmed further explains that drinking water between breaks can make you more relaxed, more focused, and think faster.

For that, always have mineral water near you! If necessary, fill water in a bottle that you can take anywhere. Even if you are still doing activities at home, take the water bottle with you. Don't let the feeling of being lazy to go to the kitchen even make you dehydrated. FYI, dehydration can trigger more serious illnesses such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's syndrome. spooky!

Pay attention to the type of mineral water consumed

Before consuming mineral water, make sure the water you consume is well filtered and kept clean. The goal is that you don't consume substances that are actually harmful to the body such as excess fluoride or even lime particles.

Reporting from the Plants Hospital page, electrodes from a balanced mineral content will help you improve brain memory performance and reduce feelings of lethargy and stress. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose bottled drinking water that you already know clearly contains.

Add Green Supplements to Drinking Water

Are you familiar with the term green supplement? Green supplements, also known as chlorophyll supplements, are supplements that contain a semi-synthetic salt mixture of natural chlorophyll. Reporting from the Water Benefits Health page, adding green supplements to mineral water is the same as consuming the superfood content found in various vegetables, you know!

If consumed in the right dose, drinking this supplemented mineral water can nourish the brain more than just mineral intake. In addition to being well hydrated, a nourished brain will work twice as well as usual.

Those are three tips that you can apply when drinking water to maximize the performance of your brain. Although it has a myriad of benefits, but still balance your mineral water intake with nutrients from nutritious foods.

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