On a Diet, Want to Eat Instant Noodles? These are 3 Ways to Eat Instant Noodles Without Fear of Fat!


One of the success factors of a diet program is eating healthy foods. The healthy food consists of 4 healthy 5 perfect which is good consumed every day. Regularly eating healthy foods can increase the body's metabolism, reduce excessive calories and other good benefits.

The process of doing a diet can also fail, one example is eating foods high in sodium. Examples of high-sodium foods are instant noodles. However, this can be overcome. You still eat instant noodles without fear of failing your diet. Want to know how? Here's the explanation compiled from Eating Well.

Complete with Vegetables

Vegetables have many health benefits, including reducing excess calories. You can add vegetables to your favorite instant noodles. Vegetables that you can add to instant noodles, namely carrots, celery, broccoli, mustard greens, and vegetables that contain other antioxidants. The function of vegetables in instant noodles is also to make you feel full longer. Could be an alternative way of dieting, without torturing!

Add Protein Source

A packet of instant noodles does not contain much protein. Therefore, you can add a protein source to the instant noodle bowl. Sources of protein that can be added, such as beans, edamame, shrimp, chicken, and eggs.

In addition, you can also add a sprinkling of sesame to give it a savory taste. The addition of protein to instant noodles is important, because protein is a body-building substance that can increase energy.

Improve Taste and Freshness

To make instant noodles more appetizing, increase the taste and freshness. The seasonings that are safe for the diet are garlic powder, curry powder, dried ginger, and red bell pepper. You can also add fresh spices such as coriander leaves, scallions, and parsley before serving the instant noodles, so that the aroma of the instant noodles feels fresh.

Those are the three ways to eat instant noodles that don't make you fail on a diet. Whatever the food, the most important thing is to always remember to complete your daily nutrition, yes!

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