Often Unknowingly, These 5 Things Turns Out To Make Recruiters Hesitate To Accept You To Work!


Are you having trouble finding a job even though you have tried to apply many times? Maybe one of the obstacles you experience is your attitude during the interview. It could be one of the things that makes recruiters hesitate to accept you. As a recruiter, the recruiter is responsible for ensuring that prospective workers have experience, as well as a positive attitude.

Maybe there is your attitude when interviewed that is wrong or too excessive or impolite. Well, you should avoid this, yes. Here are some things that make recruiters hesitate to accept you. Check this out!

1. Arrived Late for Interview

When you are going to carry out an in-person interview, you should come on time and not make the recruiter or the company wait. There are still many people who underestimate this. However, you must remember that arriving early for a meeting is one of the plus points for recruiters to consider you working for the company.

In addition, it is also a trait possessed by successful leaders. Therefore, don't be late when you are going to do the interview.

2. It's Too Long to Tell Yourself

When in the interview session, of course the recruiter will ask you to tell yourself. Recruiters want to know the personality of the person who will be hired at their company, so you don't have to tell yourself too long, even to get into things that are too deep.

You can briefly answer about your activities, daily life, and family relationships. If you are too deep, to tell yourself to the point that it is not important, it could be that your chances of being accepted are very small.

3. Long-winded when Answering Questions

Another mistake that can make recruiters doubt you is when the question and answer session takes place, you answer too long. You only need to answer questions briefly, concisely, and clearly but still in accordance with the context or direction.

If your answer is long-winded, it will make the recruiter think you are not focused and too complicated. Meanwhile, in the company, someone who has accuracy is needed so as not to waste time.

4. Too Proud of Connections at Work

When you have connections at work that you are applying for is a plus, but you also have to understand that this also has a big risk if you are too proud of people you know at the company, because they might actually reject you.

It's good to stay humble and humble when you do the interview. And try to stay confident in yourself so that recruiters are interested in recruiting you in their office or company.

5. CV is less attractive and irrelevant

CV is one of the important things when you are going to apply to a company. CV is a curriculum vitae that explains about yourself, educational history or organizational and work experience, skills you have, and achievements you have achieved. When applying for a job, you must know whether the structure of the CV you sent is relevant or not.

You also need to write down the skills or work experience that are relevant to the position you are applying for, so that this can be an added value for you when the recruiter will interview you.

Those are 5 things that make recruiters doubt that they will accept you. Therefore, you must be more careful and prepare everything well before the interview. Keep the spirit Okay!

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