Often Share Happy Content on Social Media, Is It Really Possible That It's Not Fine?


Maybe you often see many people who like to share content of happy and successful life on social media.

And because of that, not infrequently, feelings tend to compare fate and envy arises. But, as we know, most people will only show the sides they want to show.

And maybe it's more of a happy moment than a sad one on social media. Then apparently behind the frequent happy content, it doesn't mean that the person is really happy anymore. How come?

So, what are the characteristics of an unhappy person?

The sign of being unhappy is when we feel empty, feel that someone is not satisfied. If we return to the definition of happiness, right, when we feel satisfied, happy, and grateful.

So if we feel unhappy, we feel something is missing. If that's the case, we have to see what else makes us unhappy? Are our expectations too high or what? Because there are also many people whose careers have been successful but still feel unhappy. Well, maybe the definition of happiness that you have right now, is wrong. So it must be dug again.

Do you want to have a happier life so your resolution in this new year?

Hopefully it can give you a new perspective on the meaning of happiness itself and you can achieve it in the new year.

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