Not Same! This is the difference between a chatty couple and a really caring couple, check... Which type of lover is yours?


Having a chatty partner definitely gives you a headache, especially when you have a lot of thoughts and work to do.

This can make you uncomfortable, you can even ignore it. However, many couples argue that her chattering is a testament to caring. In fact, it turns out that being fussy and caring is different, you know. The problem is that if you argue with him, your partner will be even more chatty.

Instead of you getting dizzy, here's an explanation of the difference between a chatty and caring partner. Check em out!

1. Your partner's nagging can make you miss the chance to talk

Well, talkative and caring are very different, you know! Your partner's fussiness can take your chance to talk, so you'll look quiet because he's so talkative.

Even if you have the opportunity to talk, just talking a little bit is usually already cut off by him or can get scathing comments, so this is what makes you lazy to talk.

It's different if your partner is paying attention. A caring partner will understand when you're about to say what you think.

In fact, he will also provoke you to talk more and make your partner more open when you are with him. Not only that, a caring partner will also be a good listener.

2. Chatty is a lot of talk, if attention is more understanding

Talkative couples usually talk a lot. He always talks about himself until he forgets that he also has to listen to his partner. Usually, a chatty partner pays less attention to their partner and is less sensitive to your condition.

However, a partner who is attentive will certainly find it easier to understand you. That's because he will pay attention to all your movements from trivial things to things that are important to you. He can even guess what your needs and expectations are, you know!

3. Couples who care easily make you comfortable, if they are fussy they make you depressed

A caring partner is usually very easy to make you comfortable, right? Well, it's different if your partner is fussy. In fact this will make you depressed, even you want to avoid it.

If you feel this way, you should immediately find a solution to repair the relationship, so you don't hold onto each other's problems. Then, try to improve communication and don't be selfish!

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4. A chatty couple likes to criticize, a caring partner appreciates more

One of the negative things that a chatty partner has is that he often comments on you. Usually, this often happens when you are talking about something suddenly he immediately criticizes or even interrupts your conversation.

Meanwhile, a caring partner will praise and appreciate what you do. Even if you disagree, he will try to understand what you want. A caring partner reflects that he is a person who has a high tolerance spirit.

5. Being noticed will make you flatter, while being scolded will make you embarrassed

When you are in a public place and your partner flatters you, such as giving food or giving you a gift, you will definitely feel happy. You will definitely feel treated special by your partner and your friends will find his attitude very romantic.

However, if you are in a public place and you want something but your partner doesn't allow it, then he or she nags you, surely you will be disappointed and embarrassed, right?

Those are some of the differences between a caring and chatty partner. Do you think your partner is the type of partner who is attentive or fussy? Write in the comments column yes!

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