Not the Ordinary Flu, These 4 Dangerous Types of Flu You Need to Beware of!


So far, we might think that flu is the same as influenza. Though influenza is a type of the many flu you know.

The flu group consists of various types ranging from types A, B, and C. This flu group is classified based on the viral response to the sufferer's antibodies. In type A flu usually attacks humans and animals, type B attacks the human body, and type C flu is just an ordinary mild flu that can heal by itself.

4 Types of Dangerous Flu Apart from Florona that Must Be Watched

There is a lot of talk about Florona being found in Israel. Here are the types of dangerous flu other than Florona that we must be aware of.

1. Bone Flu

This bone flu is better known as Chikungunya. The cause of this disease is the bite of the Aedes Albopictus mosquito. The danger is, the symptoms of bone flu are the same as dengue fever. In addition to fever and headache, we will also feel pain in the bones and swelling in the joints, and cause rashes on the skin.

2. Stomach Flu

As the name implies, stomach flu or gastroenteritis attacks our digestive system. The causes are novovirus and rotavirus. Both are found in the environment around us, usually often attack small children who put their fingers in their mouths.

Usually the symptoms are very disturbing, ranging from excessive nausea and stomach cramps. In the worst conditions, the patient will experience vomiting blood to dehydration. Uncontrolled conditions can cause death.

3. Swine Flu

This type of flu is known as swine flu, which is a type A flu because it attacks animals and humans. Symptoms are like influenza in general, ranging from fever, chills, muscle and joint pain, and sore throat.

4. Bird Flu

In 2005 this flu was epidemic in several parts of the country and claimed many lives. As the name suggests, this flu attacks animals, especially poultry and is also contagious to humans.

Well, those are the types of flu that we should be aware of besides Florona, which is currently being widely discussed. Always take care of your health!

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