Not Korean Drama, Here Are 4 Myths About True Love You Should Forget


When watching Korean dramas with romantic love stories, you definitely dream of wanting to experience this beautiful thing too. Unfortunately life is not always as 'sweet' as Korean dramas, including in terms of romance.

As a result of being lulled by Korean drama stories, there are many relationship myths that show too high expectations in a relationship. If you believe too much in the existence of a perfect relationship, then maybe you will find disappointment, here.

So that you are not disappointed and experience damage to the relationship, then try to return to the real world. The following are some myths about true love that actually never existed and you should immediately forget. Come on, see!

About "the Right One"

Unfortunately, true love will not come alone like in Korean dramas. Therefore, if you keep waiting for the right person without putting in the effort, then you will lose the chance to get the romance out of a relationship.

Relationship Goals = Never a Problem

Feeling security, serenity, and peace is a feeling that will be felt when you find someone who is considered true love. But don't assume that true love will forever feel sweet things without any problems.

Of course there will be small fights and also problems that arise in the middle of the relationship. But one thing you need to understand is that relationship harmony is not just a matter of true love or not, but whether you and your partner are mature enough to deal with all differences and problems.

True Love Will Always Show a Romantic Attitude

Having a partner who both has a sense of love and affection is very likely to do something related to romantic things. However, this doesn't have to be done every day because some people don't even have a romantic side at all.

True Love is the Source of Happiness

A person's happiness does not only depend on a partner. Even though your partner is an ideal figure, believe me your happiness does not only come from him. You can also get it with other things, like hanging out with friends, doing things you like and so on.

True love is not as beautiful as in Korean dramas. The myths about true love as above should be forgotten because if you still believe in them, then you will never really be able to experience the things that are felt when you are in a romantic relationship with other people.

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