Not Just Fun, Here Are 5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From The 'Emily In Paris' Series

Talking about the Emily in Paris series is never ending. Lily Collins' acting as Emily Cooper managed to attract the audience to continue her journey in Paris. Not only about work, but also an interesting love story to watch.

In addition to the interesting storyline and characters, it turns out that there are many life lessons that we can learn from this series. Let's take a look at five life lessons from Emily in Paris below.

Stop lying to friends

It's undeniable that you will be jealous of Emily, Mindy and Camille's friendship. From the beauty of their friendship, Emily is actually hiding something from Camille. The reason Emily didn't tell Camille that she had a relationship with Gabriel was so that their friendship wouldn't be ruined. However, lying to friends is not the right thing.

Maybe Emily's decision was a good one in her mind, but it wasn't necessarily a good one for Camille. If there is something that bothers your mind, it's better if we talk to a friend directly. Instead of a friend finding out later which will make him feel unappreciated, things will only get worse!

Rise from Failure

One of Emily's best friends, Mindy Chen, teaches us to quickly move on from past failures and get up soon. Don't let the shame of past failures overshadow your future. Try to come to terms with past failures and learn from them.

Like Mindy Chen, who returned to singing after failing a singing audition in Shanghai when she was little. Who would have thought that Mindy Chen managed to get attention from her beautiful voice? All thanks to his persistence in correcting the mistakes of the past!

Not Everyone Likes Us

In the early episodes, many of Emily's office mates dislike her just because Emily is not fluent in French. Feeling humiliated, Emily works hard to prove to Savoir employees that she really deserves to be there and that language is not a barrier.

We can't force other people to like us. It's better if we focus on ourselves, focus on the purpose of life, and focus on the people who already love us. And that's enough.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Emily is an American woman who is transferred to Paris to replace her boss. Despite the language barrier, Emily still took the opportunity.

In life, getting out of your comfort zone is very necessary. If we are always in our comfort zone, we will find it difficult to develop. This is what Emily taught us. Not always getting out of your comfort zone is troublesome, really!

Good Move On, Don't Hurry

Choosing to go to Paris for work makes Emily and her lover have to run a long distance relationship. Initially there were no problems, until finally they decided to separate because the lover could not have a long distance relationship. Not dissolved in the past, Emily quickly moved on.

Unfortunately, several times Emily was close to men but neither relationship lasted long. Quickly moving on is good but in choosing a partner you can't be in a hurry. Must get to know the couple first and whether our chemistry is suitable or not. Sometimes, looking for a partner just to prove to yourself that you can be free from the past is not the right thing.

Those are some things we can learn from the Emily in Paris series. If you are, what can you learn from this series?

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