Nostalgic, Come on! This Is The Role Of Each Zodiac If You Live In An Old Cartoon Powerpuff Girls

 Faithful astrology observers must understand very well that a person's zodiac can be known based on his zodiac. This zodiac-based personality can then be redeveloped to guess various other things about the zodiac owner.

One of the unique things that can be guessed just by knowing a person's zodiac is the role they are suitable for if they happen to live in a fantasy world. One of the fantasy-themed cartoon shows that were popular in the 90s like Powerpuff Girls is also filled with various roles that are similar to certain zodiac signs, you know! Here's the review, quoted from Looper.

Aries: Buttercup

Aries who are stubborn, impulsive, and easily bored are described by the figure of Buttercup. The tomboy in the green costume who is one of the main characters in The Powerpuff Girls series is brave, frontal, and never gives up.

Taurus: Sara Bellum

Sara Bellum is the secretary to the mayor who presided over the town of Townsville. His role is that of a problem solver as the mayor of Townsville himself is portrayed as incompetent. This is similar to a Taurus who is dedicated, reliable, loyal, and patient with his boss.

Gemini: HIM

HIM is an acronym for His Infernal Majesty. This character is the most dangerous villain in the Powerpuff Girls series. His figure is described as having androgynous characteristics which make this character even more representative of the Gemini zodiac sign.

Cancer: Bubbles

Cancer is known to have a sensitive and strong emotional side. In the Powerpuff Girls cartoon this character is shown by Bubbles, one of the three main characters in the animation. Bubbles is described as having high empathy, but is too emotional to cry easily.

Leo: Princess Morbuck

Leo in Powerpuff Girls is played by the trio's rival at school, Princess Morbuck. Her ambition to be the center of attention made her hate the Powerpuff Girls.

Virgo: Professor Utonium

The dedicated and hard-working Virgo is described by the "father" of the Powerpuff Girls trio, Professor Utonium. Professor Utonium is very smart, has lots of ideas, and likes to fix things. It was thanks to these characters that the Powerpuff Girls were created.

Libra: Ms Keane

Ms. Keane is described as a true ideal teacher with a patient, understanding nature, and is liked by everyone. She is the teacher of the Powerpuff Girls and often forbids the three girls from fighting and solving her problems in other ways. His nature is similar to Libra.

Scorpio: Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo is an evil monkey who is the number one antagonist in Powerpuff Girls. With someone, Mojo Jojo describes the way Scorpio treats his enemy, manipulative and cruel.

Sagittarius: Mitch Mitchelson

Mitch Mitchelson can be classified as an antagonist in the cartoon Powerpuff Girls. Despite being friends with Buttercup, Buttercup opposes Mitch's tendency to bully his other schoolmates. Mitch Mitchelson has the bad character of a Sagittarius who is overconfident, aggressive, and impatient.

Capricorn : Blossom

Capricorn's character who is always level-headed and full of strategy is shown by one of the Powerpuff Girls trio, namely Blossom. Blossom indirectly played the role of the leader in the small hero group.

Aquarius: Fuzzy Lumpkins

Fuzzy Lumpkins is also one of the main villains in Powerpuff Girls. His antisocial character is similar to Aquarius who likes to be alone.

Pisces: Mayor

The mayor of Townsville has been described with some of the worst Pisces traits, namely, lack of problem solving skills. Even so, the good side of Pisces who is friendly and always wants to help is also shown by this mayor figure.

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