No need to overdo it, these 4 first date ideas are free but still fun! Ready to Try it?

 The first date when the approach becomes the most important thing and cannot be underestimated. Men and women alike want to make a great first impression. This allows the relationship to continue to a more serious stage, namely dating. Don't be surprised if a first date is synonymous with dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Even though dating doesn't need to be measured in terms of being expensive or not, just quality time is enough. There are some ideas for first dates that are free but still fun.

So both parties don't need to pay anything at all. Take it easy, the date below is practical and easy. Check out the list!

1. Take a walk

There's nothing better to relieve stress and spend time with your crush than going for a walk. While exchanging stories to get to know the person being targeted.

First, make the conversation natural and then the conversation will flow naturally. Find a place to walk such as a city park, field, or sidewalk. To stay hydrated, don't forget to bring drinking water.

2. Picnic

One way to spend a lot of money on a date is to prefer to eat at a restaurant instead of bringing food from home. Try a picnic on the first date, it's more economical and can be sudden.

Take a blanket or cheesecloth for the base, make a sandwich, take a light snack, and drink water. Relax in the afternoon chatting with your crush.

3. Outdoor Activities

Everyone has different hobbies including crush. But if lucky, there are couples who have the same hobby.

Try doing outdoor activities together such as cycling, climbing, skateboarding or rollerblading? This fun and exciting activity can be obtained without spending money, you know. Couples who have not been able to also learn from scratch. From here you will see the patience of a potential partner!

4. Visit Free Events

There are lots of free events you can visit as a first date, but this all depends on the city you live in. The denser the city, the more events will be visited. Starting from art shows, fireworks displays, museums, to photo galleries. This activity makes it easy to know each other's tastes.

Of the 4 dating ideas above, which one are you ready to try?

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