Newly Married Couples, It turns out that this is the impact on the body when having sex every day


For newly married couples, usually the duration of having sex will take place more often. If you and your partner are both comfortable doing it, you will do various variations, of course, for the sake of giving each other pleasure.

But how does it affect the body, is it good or not? According to Diana Bitner, an obstetrician as quoted from Women's Health Magazine, there is no limit to the number of times a couple has sex, either in a day or a week.

But he added, there will be physical problems that make you or your partner experience discomfort the next day. Anything?

The Impact of Having Sex Every Day

The first sign that you can feel is that your vagina feels dry, because you penetrate too often. When sex breaks are too short, the body is not able to produce sufficient natural fluids.

You are also at risk of irritation or redness of the skin around the vulva, to infections of the vagina and urinary tract.

Meanwhile, in men, if you have sex too often, the penis will hurt so that irritation can arise. If you and your husband have felt these signs, it's a good idea to consider reducing the frequency of sex.

Advantages of Having Sex Every Day

As previously mentioned, it's okay to have sex every day, even though your body may signal you to lower the frequency. In addition, of course there are advantages too.

As summarized from the CNN page, among others, you can sleep well because having sex can have a relaxing effect. Then it can also be an option for you to exercise, because this activity makes you burn a lot of calories.

Besides that, it makes you and your partner more intimate both physically and psychologically, builds a good mood, and increases the ability of brain function.

So, if you and your husband do it every day, make sure you pay attention to the signs from your body.

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