New Year's Eve Try This Hottest Sex With Your Partner, Make It Vibrate!

 It's getting closer to New Year's Eve. What plans do you have for New Year's Eve? Given the current situation, it seems that the new year can only be done at home.

There are many things you can do with your partner to spend New Year's Eve. One of them is to have sex. To make your New Year's Eve even more fun, try this most seductive sex with your partner.

Try Doing it in a New Place

If you and your partner have only had sex in bed, try something more special this New Year's Eve. Try to explore sex places for example in the kitchen, living room, or sofa in the living room.

If you still live with other family members, or you already have children, try exploring the different places in your room or bathroom.

Use the Sexiest Costumes

Take out all your sexy costume collection to spend time with your partner on New Year's Eve. You can choose sexy lingerie, or use certain character costumes that can make your partner most aroused.

Don't be shy to rock

New Year's Eve should be spent with joy. Therefore, do not be ashamed to sway in front of your partner. You can put on some music, then start dancing and swaying in front of it. Starting from a regular shake, then add a seductive movement to increase libido.

Exploration of Each Body

New Year's Eve is a long night. No need to rush to go straight to the climax. Enjoy New Year's Eve to explore each other's bodies. Try to kiss, touch, and lick every part of your partner's body.

Start Slowly, Then Don't Give Forgiveness

Monotonous sex is not fun. On this new year's eve, present something special for your partner. Start sex slowly. You can do this while chatting casually. After that, increase the speed and make him vibrate until he rolls.

Taking a bath together

After making love, you and your partner can clean each other by taking a bath together. If in your room there is a bathtub, there's nothing wrong with a warm bath together. But if you don't have one, taking a shower under the shower is no less romantic.

Enjoy Midnight Dinner While Waiting For Second Session

New Year's Eve without a romantic dinner doesn't seem complete. Therefore, you and your partner can enjoy a meal in the middle of the night together. You can prepare a candle light dinner or eat junk food on the bed. Whatever it is, the important thing is that you two can enjoy it together. Do not forget, prepare the energy to start the second session of hot sex.

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