New Year, New Atmosphere! Come on, bring a bohemian atmosphere into the house with these 5 tips!

 In addition to minimalist designs, apparently bohemian designs are also included in home designs that are often glimpsed by many people. This is because the Bohemian style has a design that represents the essence of life full of freedom, joy, and connection with nature.

In The New Bohemian's Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibe, Justina Blakeney, a well-known interior designer, shares some tips for those of you who want to change the interior of your home in a bohemian style. Check out the following tips.

Maximizing Natural Light

The main purpose of bohemian design is to improve the mood of the people in the house. And sunlight can improve one's mood. Not only brightens the house, natural light from the sun is reflective which can create the illusion of a wider space. Meanwhile, at night, you can choose a chandelier or a floor lamp for a dim and relaxing atmosphere.

Not Too Many Stuff

There are still many people who think that having a lot of things is better, even though the concept is not like that. Justina suggests getting rid of unnecessary items to make the room feel more spacious and clean. Surely seeing stuff piled up isn't a good thing, right?

The number of items will give the impression of a house that is not well organized and cramped. You can choose items that are multifunctional, such as sliding storage that you can place in the kitchen. In addition to saving space, you can store a lot of kitchen necessities in there.

Back to nature

Bohemian interior design represents the freedom of the Gipsy, namely by living freely in nature. You can choose wood floors and natural shades of wallpaper. Not only aesthetic, several studies show that the natural atmosphere can calm the mind and body.

To add to the bohemian impression, you can use Persian rugs to complete the living room arrangement. Ethnic motifs and colors on warm Persian rugs have been used by bohemians since the 1800s.

Add Plants for Decoration

According to Justina, adding plants as decorations is perfect to make the room feel more alive. You can put some pots on the windowsill, place them on special shelves, or even install hanging plants to beautify your curtains. Plants not only beautify the house, but are also capable of detoxifying by improving the air quality in the room.

Handmade Products

The hallmark of the bohemian interior is handmade. Besides being attractive, the handmade interior will leave a unique impression. Choose a handmade interior made of natural fibers, rattan, or wood.

Those are some tips that you can apply when you want to change the interior of your home with a Bohemian atmosphere. According to Justina, there are many simple and affordable ways to bring a bohemian vibe into your home. Good luck!

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