New Year, Adopt New Habits Too! Check out a series of things that are often considered trivial, even though these are very useful, let's


New Year New spirit. Usually, most people have the spirit to do something from the beginning of the year. So, it's not surprising that many are enthusiastic about making and slowly realizing the resolutions that have been prepared.

You can also use this moment to adopt a new habit. Although it is considered trivial, in fact it bears sweet fruit! Check out these habits and their benefits below:

Diligently Drink Water

The benefits of drinking water are no longer in doubt for health and beauty. However, not a few still feel lazy to drink if they are not thirsty, or prefer drinks that have a sweet taste.

Come on, be more diligent in drinking water! You can stock up water on your desk with a cute drinking bottle, so you're excited and don't forget to drink again.

Sleep Enough 7-8 Hours

New Year, as much as possible reduce or no longer stay up late if you don't really need to! Because besides the effect is not good for health, staying up late also makes your sleeping hours continue to be messy.

And according to research from the University of California, the impact of staying up late makes it difficult for you to communicate and remember.

Be More Courageous and Don't Procrastinate

What dream do you have or what do you want to be able to do? Don't procrastinate anymore or you'll never do it forever!

Come on, be bolder and what you need to remember, it's okay to fail, because that's very natural, especially since everyone must have experienced failure in their life.

Daily Reading

Not only a list of movies and series that must be watched, but also include a list of good books. From reading itself, it is known that it can increase memory, improve brain performance, as well as increase knowledge.

Try to challenge yourself to read one book every month!

Be diligent

Giving charity with material, especially from your own 'sweat' after you are tired of working, can make you more grateful and happy you know!

For example, according to financial planners, you can routinely allocate 5-10% of your salary to charity. However, alms are not only from money, you also give alms with knowledge and energy, for example.

Love Yourself More

Even though you are familiar with self-reward, how good are you to yourself?

Therefore you can try to be kinder and kinder to yourself in this new year. Like not blaming yourself too much when plans don't go as expected, getting out of a toxic relationship, it's okay if you don't know something, and not being afraid to try even if it ends up failing.

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