Most women are considered unable to read maps because they often get lost, really? Come on, see the facts!

 You must have often heard the assumption that women have a lower ability to read Maps compared to most men. Evidently, not a few women get lost more easily when traveling by following the route guide from Maps.

Although there are some women who can easily interpret information from Google Maps, the assumption that women cannot read Google Maps seems to have stuck.

Then, do you know why most women find it difficult to interpret information from Google Maps? It turns out that the following is the reason.

Differences in Spatial Intelligence

It was revealed that the reason why it was more difficult for women to read maps than men was because of the difference in spatial intelligence between women and men.

Disclosed in a journal published in Frontier, the study shows that men have superior spatial intelligence compared to women. This is because women are more sensitive to emotions and their parahippocampal gyrus works less efficiently than men.

Navigation Ability

Dealing with Google Maps is the same as dealing with position and direction alias navigation. A little disappointing when again revealed the fact that men do have better navigational skills than women.

Launching from the US News page, in addition to being good at navigation skills, men also have the ability to navigate routes more efficiently than women.

But do not be discouraged, navigation capabilities can be improved really. One of the ways recommended by Mountain Bike Rider Magazine is to explore the route frequently so that you memorize the directions.


The navigational ability of men who are better than women does not just appear, because according to Natural Navigator, the difference in navigational ability between men and women is not absolute because of gender differences.

The experience of men who often traverse road routes or places and the experience of taking shortcuts also makes men better at navigating.

So, if you want to have good navigational skills and be more familiar with navigating on Google Maps, you need to often go out of the way to take a route or visit a new route that Google Maps displays.

That way, your ability to read Google Maps will improve even more and you won't get lost easily anymore.

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