Meet Veganuary: A Special Vegan Diet Movement in January, Come on!

 It doesn't feel like it's already a new year, how about a healthy diet resolution that you want to implement? Are there any new plans?

If not, let's get acquainted with the 'Veganuary' healthy diet campaign! This campaign is perfect for those of you who have been going back and forth since last year when it comes to trying a vegan diet. Curious? Come on, see the full explanation below!

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a healthy diet campaign that was first launched by a British non-profit organization in 2014. Through this campaign, people are invited to get used to adopting a vegan lifestyle by consuming only plant-based products for one full month in January.

Quoted from the Health page, it is estimated that as many as 1.3 million people have participated in this campaign in 2019. This number will continue to increase in 2020 and 2021 in line with the outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak which forces people to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid the virus.

Veganuary Benefits

By practicing Veganuary at least one month at the beginning of the year, this will help detoxify the toxins left in the body so that the body becomes healthier and feels refreshed. In fact, as quoted from the page, the habit of consuming plant products and reducing the consumption of animal products can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and minimize type 2 diabetes. In addition, this campaign indirectly helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. glass, exploitation of fishery products to deforestation.

Vegetable Products for Veganuary

Actually there is no provision of what types of food that need to be consumed during a vegan diet. You can choose any type of fruit and vegetable according to your preferences. It's just that experts suggest at the time of Veganuary, it would be better if you always insert foods that contain protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. This is in order to maintain body fitness so as not to be malnourished even though only consuming plant products.

Anti-Fail Tips in Trying Veganuary

If you are interested in trying Veganuary, pay attention to the following 3 tips so that the program runs successfully:

1. Have a Strong Reason Why You Should Join a Veganuary Campaign

Everything must be done with intention, therefore before deciding to try Veganuary, set a strong reason in your heart. For example, this diet activity is carried out as the start of a diet program, protecting the earth from climate change, protecting nature and animal exploitation, and so on. With a good reason, it is guaranteed that your Veganuary program will be successfully maintained for up to 31 days.

2. Learn More about the Vegan Lifestyle

Veganuary invites you to switch to being a vegan in one month. This change will certainly take the body by surprise, especially if you were previously used to consuming animal products. So as not to be too surprised, prepare yourself by reading lots of books or journals related to this vegan lifestyle. You can also learn at the same time what types of foods from plant products are good for the body's nutritional balance and combine them.

3. Learn to Cook a Vegan Diet Menu

One of the reasons that often make people fail to go on a vegan diet is to feel bored with the same food menu and seem bland. Even though if you want to try, there are actually many, you know, vegan diet recipes that are no less delicious than serving animal products.

You just need to look for alternative spices that can be created from vegetable products so that the taste on the food menu remains delicious and appetizing. For example, you can try dinner menus from the Eating Well page during your Veganuary program.

Basically the Veganuary program is very simple and easy to implement because it doesn't have any special requirements to get started. You can also make your own little notes to check your diet journey.

If in the middle of the month you accidentally consume animal products, you are still encouraged to continue the Veganuary program until it is finished. After that, you are free to choose whether you want to continue this vegan diet or consume animal products occasionally. Good luck!

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