Many people at a young age are 'happy' to hurt themselves, recognize... this is the cause and how to overcome self-harm!


The older you get, the more things you have to go through alone. Not only that, sometimes we have to bear a series of burdens without being able to be helped by others.

Feelings of anxiety, anger, stress, loneliness, to despair are one of the reasons why many people at a young age commit self-harm or self-injury. This is a form of escape or release with the emotions that are being felt.

There are many kinds and forms of self-harm, ranging from hitting body parts, slashing the hands most often, taking dangerous drugs, to other ways that can cause harm to oneself.

Let's get acquainted more deeply with self-harm or self-injury which is currently being done by a lot of people at a young age. Read more here!

Knowing Self Harm

Self harm is a form of someone injuring himself in various ways. As reported by Healthline, the reason someone does this is complicated, which can be said to be a lot of reasons behind it.

A person who is self-harming may be trying to deal with his or her frustration, anger, or emotions. He tries to release the pressure he gets. Feeling relieved after doing it, but this will not last long and will be followed by feelings of guilt to shame.

There are those who do self harm once or twice, but there are also those who do it until it becomes a habit when their emotions are out of control. This form of self-harm isn't actually related to suicide, but it can cause serious injuries.

Causes of Self Harm

As stated earlier, if the reasons someone does this vary and there is no easy answer why they end up hurting themselves.

But it can be said, someone who does self harm, is in the following conditions:

Has difficulty understanding or expressing emotions,

Not knowing how to deal with trauma, stress, or psychological pain in a healthy way,

Have feelings of rejection, loneliness, self-hatred, anger, or confusion,

Want to 'feel alive'.

Self-injurious behavior can also be linked to other conditions, such as:

bipolar disorder,


Drug or alcohol abuse,

certain personality disorders,

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

How to Overcome Self Harm

Self harm can cause a person to become addicted, which can be done frequently. For those of you who are not okay, but want to get out of this behavior, consider how to deal with self-harm, as reported by Medical News Today.

1. Distracting attention

The first is to distract. You can chat with friends, watch your favorite movie, or just go for a walk to the nearest place. With this diverted mind, it can keep you from feeling the sudden urge to do it.

2. Switch to Self Care

You can also turn it into self-care. Instead of hurting, it's better to do various treatments to make you look even better. Like bathing with your favorite scented soap, body care, or cooking healthy food and reading your favorite book.

3. Relieve Stress

Many of them do self-harm because they feel stressed and do not have the knowledge of how to divert it. To overcome this, you can start by practicing yoga, practicing mindfulness, or breathing exercises to keep you in a good and stable emotion.

4. Release Anger

It's not that you are not allowed to vent your anger. But you need to let go of that anger with good control. To be precise, you can release your anger by going for a run, busy working out at the gym, or just tearing up unused paper. With this, emotions are still channeled right?

5. Express Feelings

You can also express your feelings by writing them in a journal, watching sad movies, listening to music, or talking to people you trust. This is much better, than you taking the tools to hurt yourself.

6. Contacting Others

There are those who do self-harm for reasons of loneliness. Overcoming this, you can start by contacting a row of people you care about first, or looking for friends to play with, until you join a group. With this you can be diverted.

7. Change the Sensation

The next way is to replace the sensation. Instead of the pain that you will feel later, you can replace this self-harm sensation by rubbing ice cubes on your skin, taking a cold shower, or drawing on your skin with a red marker.

Despite the many burdens you feel, self harm is not the best way to escape emotions, right! Love yourself and don't be hurt anymore, cheers!

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