Many Celeb Adopted and the Price is Fantastic! This is a series of facts related to Spirit Dolls that are still going viral

 Spirit doll or spirit doll seems to be a viral opener in early 2022.

A number of celebs one by one showed the spirit dolls they adopted, so they were treated like real babies. Some even hire babysitters to take care of the dolls.

So what exactly is a spirit doll? Check out the following reviews:

It's Been There For A Long Time

Spirit dolls were first made by primitive people for religious purposes. But not only in the form of dolls, but also in the form of statues and voodoo

Then these objects were acquired by civilization for mystical purposes. Some are used for religious ceremonies to curse certain people.

Meanwhile, at this time, the spirit doll that is going viral is a doll that resembles a baby, it is also believed to be harmless.

Considered Bringing Luck and Had Viral in Thailand

Apparently the spirit doll first went viral in a neighboring country, Thailand. Spirit dolls are considered to bring good luck, so they will bring the doll to pray for the monks at the temple to fill the doll with spirits.

Treated like a child

As mentioned earlier, there are those who treat these spirit dolls like their own children. Such as being given food, being taken for a walk, also wearing nice clothes.

It turned out that the owner believed this as a form of respect, especially the owner believed that his life would be better and luckier after adopting the doll.

Fantastic Price

The price of this spirit doll is known to be relatively expensive, Beauties, even touching the number of millions of rupiah. Initially, the spirit doll was sold anonymously on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, along with an explanation of the doll's history, as the Anabelle doll became popular.

It is known that spirit dolls are sold in online shops as well as e-commerce.

Reap the Pros and Cons

Although many claim to adopt spirit dolls, whether from celebrities or not, this can't be separated from the pros and cons. From a psychological point of view, according to the psychologist as quoted from CNN, he revealed that this trend is based on the needs related to nurturing, the need to care as human nature, in this case babies.

Meanwhile, from an Islamic point of view, the Ulema Council appealed not to treat dolls like children.

If it is filled or perceived as a place of spirit, the law is not allowed to maintain spirits. If you worship polytheists, but if you are just friends, it means you are friends with jinn.

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