Make no mistake, extroverts are also prone to social fatigue, aka tired of interacting with other people! Check Here!

 For those of you who are extroverts, have you ever felt so tired after interacting with other people? Whereas as an extrovert, meeting and spending time with other people is one of the things to look forward to so that the mood remains in a good state.

But, why has it changed now, huh? Hmm, it could be a sign that you are experiencing symptoms of "social fatigue" or tiredness in socializing!

Generally, this phenomenon is often found in people with introverted personality types. However, it was later discovered that even people with extroverted personalities are very likely to experience it as well.

So what and what are the signs that you are suffering from social fatigue symptoms? Check out the reviews below, come on!

What is Social Fatigue?

Compiled from various sources, social fatigue is a psychological phenomenon that afflicts a person after he communicates with other people continuously until it eventually causes boredom. This boredom will eventually drain energy so that people with social fatigue are prone to experiencing serious mental and physical fatigue.

In the long term, the phenomenon of social fatigue that is not immediately addressed can even affect a person's mental health. It is not uncommon for people with social fatigue to become easily anxious, angry, afraid, stressed and feel depressed when they receive an invitation to meet many people.

Signs You're Experiencing Social Fatigue

Most people only realize that they experience fatigue in interacting when the symptoms are severe enough. Therefore, let's check some of the early signs of social fatigue symptoms reported on this Psyhcentral page.

Difficulty sleeping

Lack of enthusiasm in living the day

Decreased quality of work

Feeling hopeless



Withdrawing from relationships that you usually like

Of the many early signs of social fatigue, do you think you're feeling anything else, right?

Tips for Overcoming Social Fatigue

If you have already experienced it, here are some easy and simple ways that you can apply every day to reduce the bad effects of social fatigue.

Identifying Triggers for Social Fatigue

You need to understand, not all interactions will make you feel tired. Think again about what kind of situation and with whom played a very big role in triggering your boredom and fatigue.

Learn to Set Boundaries

Agreeing to various hangout invitations even though you don't really enjoy them is one of the things that can trigger social fatigue. From now on, try to set boundaries for other people. Rejecting an invitation or offer for something you don't like is not a problem, on the contrary, you can accept an offer that you really like.

Do Me Time

A day of non-stop activity has the potential to make you stressed and emotionally exhausted. At least, take 10-30 minutes per day so that you can do various kinds of things that are fun for you. For example, a mask before going to bed, taking a warm bath or writing a journal.


Meditation is a means of calming the mind that you can try too, you know! You can meditate once a week indoors or outdoors. Meditation practice is very good for reducing stress due to a hectic daily routine.

For those of you who are struggling to overcome social fatigue, keep the spirit, yes! Slowly but surely, all your fatigue will be cured.

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