Long Haired Woman Definitely Lust? Eits, Know the Facts

Ladies, there is an anecdote that says that a woman who has long hair means she has a high lust. Time, huh?

This anecdote becomes a common conversation that is often the subject of jokes in the community, you know. There are those who consider this as something normal, but there are also those who are offended by this statement. Actually, do women with long hair = lust?

1. In the medical world, a woman's thick hair is called hirsutism

Women have hair on the face and body. However, usually the hair that is owned by women is smoother and brightly colored. This condition of excessive hair growth is known as hirsutism. This condition is usually undesirable in women because it can interfere with appearance. In addition, hirsutism appears where it usually occurs in men.

2. Dense hair can be influenced by genetic factors

Women with thick hair do not always have a high sexual desire. Usually, this happens because of heredity or genetics. Couples with thick body hair are more likely to have children with thick hair as well.

3. Consumption of drugs can also make hair thicker

Apparently, certain drugs also trigger the growth of thicker hair on the body. Generally, this symptom is a drug-induced hormone overload. However, this hair will fall out along with hormonal changes, with a note that Ladies stop taking the drug. However, it is forbidden to stop taking the drug suddenly because it can threaten health. Just reduce it slowly.

4. Recent research says the hormone testosterone is not related to sexual arousal

Keep in mind, it turns out that the hormone testosterone does affect a person's sexual arousal. However, it turns out that this passion can rise not only because of the hormone testosterone alone. Other components such as psychic experiences and previous sexual adventures will arouse a person's sexual arousal.

Testosterone does have an effect on sexual arousal, but its levels don't really have much effect. There are other things that excite a person.

So, women with thick hair don't necessarily have a high sexual appetite, ladies!

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