Like Dreams Come True, These 5 Korean Artists Married Their Fans!


When we idolize an artist, sometimes we must dream of being with the idol. But it feels like it's just a dream that won't come true. But, it is different with the following five pairs.

Like a dream come true, these five South Korean celebrities finally married their fans, you know. Let's see who they are!

Lee Sun Kyun - Jeon Hye Jin

The first couple is Lee Sun Kyun and Jeon Hye Jin. Lee Sun Kyun really idolizes Jeon Hye Jin. He even became a fanboy of Jeon Hye Jin, you know. Luckily, Lee Sun Kyun was in a relationship with Jeon Hye Jin.

Right in 2009, Lee Sun Kyun married Jeon Hye Jin after six years of dating and now has a child.

Shoo - Im Hyo Sung

The two were officially married in April 2010. Im Hyo Sung who is a basketball player idolizes Shoo who at that time was a member of a female K-Pop group called S.E.S. Because of his fans with Shoo, Im Hyo Sung even decorated the contents of his basketball locker with a photo of Shoo.

Lee Ji Hoon - Miura Ayane

Formerly fans are now wives, that's the right sentence to describe this couple. In addition to attracting the attention of netizens because of their 14-year age gap, it turns out that Miura Ayane was also known to be a fan of Lee Ji Hoon before their meeting, you know. They just had their wedding ceremony in November 2021.

Lee Se Joon - Kang Gyeong Jin

Starting from the frequent sending of letters and even cakes to the idol, who would have thought that this was what led the idol to meet his soul mate? Lee Se Joon married Kang Gyeong Jin 12 years ago.

He married a woman who was a fan. Lee Se Joon himself also admitted that he was happy and happy to be married to his own fans.

Park Hae Il - Seo Yoo Seon

Finally, the dream of a woman named Seo Yoo Seon to be with Park Hae Il finally came true. March 11, 2006 became a happy day for these two couples. Park Hae Il became one of the actors who married his own fans. Always be happy for these two couples on this one!

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