Learn to Practice Mindfulness, the Art of Enjoying Life Consciously All the Time

The phenomenon of overthinking now seems to be increasingly encountered as a result of the fast-paced lifestyle that is applied in all lines of life. This is certainly a problem, because overthinking often leads to other health problems. Examples include increased production of stomach acid and prolonged anxiety disorders.

In response to this, mental health practitioners are campaigning for techniques to make life more meaningful and useful. This technique is called mindfulness.

Let's get to know more about mindfulness!

Definition of Mindfulness

Quoted from the Mindful page, mindfulness is a basic ability in a person to do things with full awareness. Being aware here means that he knows where he is and what he is doing. Through this kind of awareness, a person can focus more on dealing with the things he is working on without feeling the need to think about other things that are actually less important to think about at the same time.

Practice Mindfulness in Daily Life

Basically, mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of yourself. Try practicing the following simple things to get used to being mindful in every activity you are doing.

Walk in Nature

According to several studies, interacting with nature has various health benefits, both physically and mentally. Take a little time to just enjoy the natural scenery near the house. Feel the breeze blowing, the sounds of animals that can be heard and whatever you come across.

Daily Journal Writing

Releasing pent up emotions by writing is the best solution for those of you who have difficulty telling what you are experiencing to those around you. Just write down whatever you feel on that day, from happy, sad, angry, scared, disappointed moments and others.


You can meditate indoors or outdoors. Make sure the air circulation runs smoothly. Count your breaths, feeling as the air flows in and out through your nose.

Control the mind so that only focus on this meditation activity. If you want, you can also add musical instruments that are specifically intended for meditation so that the atmosphere is more relaxed and calm.

Focus On One Job

Even though multitasking is now commonplace, try to get to know yourself better. If you are someone who is only able to do monotasking, then there is nothing wrong if you refuse to do many things at the same time. You can do everything one by one and slowly. Without distraction, your work will be better and more satisfying.

Benefits of Applying Mindfulness

Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained by practicing mindfulness:

Easy to enjoy life, mindfulness trains yourself not to get caught up in worrying about the future or regrets in the past, invites you to accept yourself completely and helps make it easier to build deep personal relationships with others.

Avoiding physical illness, experts say that mindfulness can prevent a person from various physical problems that arise due to anxiety disorders such as relieving stomach acid, lowering blood pressure, reducing the recurrence of chronic diseases and releasing stress.

Healing mental disorders, the pressures faced by fast-paced lifestyles often make a person vulnerable to eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorder, drug abuse and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). By practicing mindfulness, it is believed that this mental problem can be cured slowly.

Good luck practicing mindfulness!

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