Krisdayanti is getting slimmer and beautiful by the age of 47, it turns out that this is a series of secrets


The life of a celebrity is always in the spotlight. Because of this, many of them try to keep their appearance in order to always look perfect.

One celeb who deserves to be a role model is Krisdayanti. The wife of Raul Lemos actually looks more beautiful and slim at the age of 47 years. Even though as we know, she has given birth to four children but her body is really big!

Well, it was not an easy thing for KD to get this. There are various ways and treatments it does! This is the secret of Krisdayanti's slim and beautiful style!

1. Controlling Diet

To have a slim body of course we need to control the diet. This method was also done by Krisdayanti to get her body shape like now.

He admitted that during the pandemic he gained weight because he mostly ate snacks. But he doesn't want to be complacent, he said that if he then adjusts his diet and lives a healthy life to return to his ideal.

2. More Diligent Wushu Sports

It's not enough to control the food that comes in, he is now increasingly diligent in exercising. The portion of the sport was now added. Unmitigated, he can exercise for up to two hours you know!

"Indeed, I increased the exercise portion, so it took two hours. So it's like what I eat, the calories go away immediately," said Krisdayanti.

In addition to exercising every morning, Krisdayanti is now increasingly diligent in Wushu. He also shared various portraits of him doing Wushu on his Instagram page.

"I'm trying a new sport. In Wushu, I just call it anti-senile exercise, because there is movement, there is firmness in it, there is a rhythm, and it makes the body better. So I think, the collaboration between me drinking this fiber drink and exercising, getting enough sleep, eating Good thing, God willing, everyone can also get the ideal weight like me," he explained.

3. Salmon DNA injection

Now, apart from maintaining a healthy diet and exercising diligently in Wushu, it is known that Krisdayanti also carries out salmon DNA injection treatments to make her more beautiful and youthful.

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